Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, May 18, 2009


Sunday was Joshua's 16th birthday! The festivities started on Friday night and began with opening the gifts :)

Swords, D and D books and figures, cash, Halo wars and wow for a year...what more could you ask for?? hee hee

Josh and I are also heading to BlizzCon in August with Kathy and Justin, that was a BIG part of his gift!

I left David with the brood while Kathy and I went to Johnny Carinos for Bellini's and pasta and then to see the movie 17 Again. Totally hilarious by the way!

I gave each of the boys a"Mana Potion" :) (Pretty much pure caffeine ) They planned to not sleep the entire weekend LOL

WOW, Warcraft 3, Age of Conan....and then Halo Wars on the x-box :)

On Saturday they spent the afternoon at laser tag........ (after no sleep)

Birthday cake and milkshakes...I have no idea how they can eat the two together! Still no sleep.(except Justin laid down for about an hour)

Needless to say, by 10 pm Josh was out and talking in his sleep about shorts being too short and airplane surgery LOL Justin was out by midnight and Cody made it to 4 am Sunday morning!!
On Sunday Josh was a new guy :) He SO needed sleep! I was glad he slept since Sunday was his actual birthday and he had plans to do fun stuff.

Sword fighting...or as I like to call it "having the crap beat out of you with a wooden stick"

After the sword fighting Kathy and Justin joined us for Star Trek. Another awesome movie! It was so fun!
Then it was home for some WOW time...

For his birthday dinner Josh chose Chili's. It was probably the most least expensive event of the weekend :) They were so late with everything and messed up our order that they did not charge of or any drinks, appetizers or desserts :) Despite the screw ups we had a great time!
I think he had a great weekend! We love you Josh :)

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