Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Troop 2155 Scrapbook

Here are the pages from the scrapbook that I made the girls...Hope you enjoy :)

End of The Year BBQ

Yesterday we celebrated the last meeting of our 2008-2009 Girl Scout year. We had a BBQ at the park and got some cool end of the year awards. The girls all had tons of fun!

We started our meeting as usual, with a flag ceremony, reciting the girl scout promise and law....

and singing and dancing to some silly songs!

Then it was time to hand out the awards and the scrapbooks I made the girls..........

Congratulations Girls!

Mara did a great job with the hot dogs!
Now it is on to our summer activities! Day Camp is coming up and we are so excited! Looking forward to next year as week begin working on the new Journeys Program.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, I debated whether or not I would post about our latest adventure here but I decided that I should due to some recent events.

It came to our attention last week, that one of our lovely children had been doing some things that were totally unexpected and unacceptable.

It also came to my attention that several people (maybe more than I know) assume that because my children are unschooled/free learners...whatever you want to call it, that they are also allowed to do whatever they feel like, have no boundaries...just living "Lord of the Flies" style and I felt that I should post about recent events to show that is not the case.

We have always used the "natural consequence" form of sentencing when it comes to our children doing things that they really should not be doing. I will say, I have been very lucky. I have 3 teenagers and have not lived through the teenage hell that I hear people talk about. Sure, they have attitudes and mouths and their have been moments that I would rather not experience but I would take that any day over what some people go through.

I will not give details on who and what as I don't want to mortify this child anymore than they have already done but I will tell you the consequences of their actions.

1. no friends over for play/sleepovers until......????
2. no computer taken out of public areas of the home EVER( not that this is new just reinforced)
3. use of cell phone limited to 911, me, David and permission based calls only
4. do jobs on list that equal the monetary amount to fix broken item
5. loss of preferred bedroom in the house
6. loss of privileges to go anywhere without a parent or other adult until..????
7. must attend certain classes within the next few weeks

Boundaries are a good thing. When they are crossed their are consequences. Even as adults we have boundaries. Why would someone assume we have no boundaries? People that know me well, know I am a pretty strict mom. You are probably wondering what the hell this child did to warrant 7 sentences but believe me, they are all 100% natural consequences to the actions.

This has been a HUGE lesson for David and I. Not to mention, said child but our others as well and all of the friends involved (who also have their own sentencing to live out) We are very lucky to have a close community of friends who are all involved in supporting the kids through this. All I can say is never say never because if you do it will come and get you. LOL

Believe me, I have had many sleepless nights, thoughts of I am doing too much and thoughts of I am not doing enough, thoughts of military school (REALLY) and just all around second guessing myself.

Sometimes parenting really sucks....

I have to say, I am very proud of this child for being honest when it came time. That was huge. I am also proud of this child's attitude about the consequences and the help in choosing them. I am also happy to see all the good that this event has brought out, not only in our family but in others too.

Learning from your mistakes is the only way to move forward, sometimes it is harder than others....

Sego Lily has also been instrumental in modeling the sentencing we do at home. At school, if you do something that breaks a school rule, or something that someone else finds wrong you can be written up. This can be done by another student or facilitator. Then, it is brought to the judicial committee made up of a couple of students and a facilitator. You and said accuser are given a chance to talk things out and if a middle ground cannot be found then the judicial committee hands out a sentence.

Now, this is a great way for the kids to work through issues and we have always done this. But, what I have come to realize is that some people don't know that in our home, if Mom or Dad say "______" then it is the last word and that is it. That is called being a parent. It is not always fun but hey, it is my job.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Every Sunday that we can swing it, we get together with the other Reid's to play WOW...or as we like to refer to it as WOW Sunday :) This happened to be a Saturday as we were celebrating Kathy's birthday!
Most of the time it is pretty late when we end. Willow fell asleep and while she was sleeping got a snuggler to join her :) Kaya hopped up on the couch and got as close as she could to Willow. Now this is saying something about her. She does not like to snuggle with anyone. She also came in closer when David tried to lift her and then her paw up over Willow as he was lifting her up :) She loves Willow.
I just thought this picture was so sweet!


Sunday was Joshua's 16th birthday! The festivities started on Friday night and began with opening the gifts :)

Swords, D and D books and figures, cash, Halo wars and wow for a year...what more could you ask for?? hee hee

Josh and I are also heading to BlizzCon in August with Kathy and Justin, that was a BIG part of his gift!

I left David with the brood while Kathy and I went to Johnny Carinos for Bellini's and pasta and then to see the movie 17 Again. Totally hilarious by the way!

I gave each of the boys a"Mana Potion" :) (Pretty much pure caffeine ) They planned to not sleep the entire weekend LOL

WOW, Warcraft 3, Age of Conan....and then Halo Wars on the x-box :)

On Saturday they spent the afternoon at laser tag........ (after no sleep)

Birthday cake and milkshakes...I have no idea how they can eat the two together! Still no sleep.(except Justin laid down for about an hour)

Needless to say, by 10 pm Josh was out and talking in his sleep about shorts being too short and airplane surgery LOL Justin was out by midnight and Cody made it to 4 am Sunday morning!!
On Sunday Josh was a new guy :) He SO needed sleep! I was glad he slept since Sunday was his actual birthday and he had plans to do fun stuff.

Sword fighting...or as I like to call it "having the crap beat out of you with a wooden stick"

After the sword fighting Kathy and Justin joined us for Star Trek. Another awesome movie! It was so fun!
Then it was home for some WOW time...

For his birthday dinner Josh chose Chili's. It was probably the most least expensive event of the weekend :) They were so late with everything and messed up our order that they did not charge of or any drinks, appetizers or desserts :) Despite the screw ups we had a great time!
I think he had a great weekend! We love you Josh :)

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