Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living "Easter Grass" Worlds

Today in Daisy girl scouts we made Living Easter Grass Baskets. I will post pictures as they begin to sprout. We took clay and made fairy worlds with all kinds of creatures. I also got lots of April fools jokes played on me. The girls got a kick out of that :) Yes, I am that gullible!

Mara got me good this morning. She took all of stuff from the shower, the soap, shampoo, face wash etc and hid it downstairs. Luckily Josh was still home and I sent him to get it since I was all wet! She also (as in years past, and you think I would know this by now) taped the facet and spray nozzle in the kitchen so when I turned on the water it sprayed all over! She is such a prankster :)

It was a fun April fools day :) Josh had D and D at Justin's house and the girls had a blast in school as usual. Mara learned binary code and sent messages to people :)

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