Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Red Butte Garden Tour

Today we went on a guided tour at Red Butte with our Girl Scout troop. It was such a beautiful day! Bev was out guide and we learned so much about the gardens!

look close there is a bee :) Willow took this one....
same here, look close there is a squirrel :)
Willow, Luci and Luci's cousin Isabella, had a great time running through the garden!
The girls listened quite intensely to Bev when she told them all about the snakes in the garden. They were on a hunt for a rattlesnake after that :)
Bev had us smell all the herbs and flowers that were coming into bloom.
Willow didn't like the curry ;)
Willow was excited to see a "conker" tree! We have been reading a book called Trumpets of Happiness by Brien Masters. It is a Waldorf early reader with stories that all relate to the seasons. One of the stories is about the daffodils..aka Trumpets of Happiness... and how they bloom and trumpet that Spring has arrived. They tease the conker tree because he doesn't have an blooms. Well, as the year progresses the daffodils become less glorious and the conker tree becomes full of life. Willow has been running throughout he neighborhood shouting "Trumpets of Happiness" at every daffodil ever since we read it :) She was so excited to see that Red Butte had over 150,000 daffodil bulbs!! It was really beautiful
The conker tree, or Sycamore, was in the center of the Medicinal garden. It was planted because supposedly Hippocrates taught his students under a sycamore tree :)
Our camera battery died about a quarter way through the garden :( We had a great time and we are looking forward to coming back when things are in full bloom. We also were excited to see the concert line up for the summer. Lots of great performers!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Flyers

Willow's face made the summer camp flyer for Sego Lily ;) Willow and her friend Sky love to climb the lockers at school :) All I can say is Thank God they created a summer program this year, I am not sure Willow would have survived 3 months without school!

Off to Mesa

Today Josh left for Mesa in Colorado. It was snowing like crazy and their was a high wind advisory. So fun! Everyone's dream is to camp in the freezing cold and snow! They will have a blast once they get there and get camp set up :) They have a main tent house with a fire always burning, that is already set up with the other families that are already there. I sent him with a mummy bag, a big and tall bag and a polar fleece liner that I zipped up on the sewing machine. It is supposed to be 20 degrees at night and in the upper 50's a couple of the days :) They other days are supposed to be warmer.

At least they have lots of "tasty treats" to eat! :)

Josh HATES the feel of polar fleece. In fact he hates the feel of any fabric that isn't 100 % cotton. He has always been like that, even as a little kid. You can tell from the look on his face that he is dying in this bag! His plan is to get inside the mummy bag, then inside the fleece, then inside the regular sleeping bag and put blankets on top of that :) I think he will be quite warm! He has 3 sets of ski pants and all of my wool socks. This is the kid that wears shorts all year round, even in the snow.

I heard form Kathy a while ago, they made it to Grand Junction with no problems. They drove through a total blizzard and at one point it was raining dirt from all the dust that had been kicked up :) They are hoping to get to the land and get camp set up before the storm hits them.

Daisy Girl Scouts Create

Silly Girls :) We decorated these top hats as part of the "Art to Wear" try it. I took these photos for a special Mother's Day present we will be working on at our next meeting :) They are so cute! We made lots of crafts today centered around Spring and Mothers Day....even though outside it was a blizzard! When will the snow end????

Working on our "Make A Plates". Some made them for Mother's Day gifts others as girl scout plates....They all did such a great job, can't wait to see how they turn out!

May Day bells..........

Ed Emberley thumbprint art...........
We had a lot of fun. I can't believe we only have 2 meetings left till summer break. Actually just one meeting and an awards ceremony. We also have a hike at Red Butte Gardens coming up and a multicultural dinner fest. I think we have decided to move all the girls up to Brownies for the fall. Daisies was fun be they are ready to move on to bigger projects :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teri's Tasty Treats

Today I was busy. I made 4 dozen Peanut butter Butterscotch cookies,

6 dozen chewy chocolate-chocolate chip cookies ( to die for!) ,

1 pound of caramel popcorn,

2 trays of toffee crisp(you would never believe this is made from a saltine cracker),

and 3 dozen pecan meal cookies(they may not be pretty, but they are soooo good!).....
Am I planning a diabetic coma you ask? No, I am actually sending all of these goodies away, well, almost all of them....Josh is heading off camping with our friends the Reid's. They are having a retreat on their land for their intentional community that they are building and I am in providing the dessert for the group. Hope they are hungry :)

Easter 2009

Lots o eggs

Almost 6 dozen eggs later..............

Easter Morning..way too early..ready to see the baskets

Justin got up at a "normal" time :)

the egg hunt begins........

In the kitchen...breakfast casserole,bacon, biscuits, made from scratch cinnamon rolls...

The wheat grass is sprouting and the plants are growin.......

The snails are out...guess Spring is here!

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