Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and joyful living

Mara and her friend Sarah auditioned for Pride and Prejudice last night. They made call backs!!! Way to go girls!

Mara got an e-mail this morning calling her back as Mary Bennett!!! She is a little nervous as she refers to Mary as the "depressed one" and she is not sure if she can pull that off :) I told her it will be great and be a great challenge for her!

So, back to the crazy life of having a child in theater! The only difference now is Willow is in school now and well, she has us up at the break of dawn ready to go and Mara won't be done with rehearsals till after 10pm 4 nights a are we going to be tired! It is soooo worth it though. We want them to pursue the things that bring them the most joy.

Josh and David are off at the cabin for the weekend for the "every 3 months Dad/boys retreat" :) We helped them load the van with so much food it looked like they were going away for a month! They loaded the death nerf guns, tons of games and of course the laptops :)

The girls and I are getting ready for our evening of pedicures, gourmet Mexican fiesta, Costco "to die for" chocolate cake, The Secret Life of Bees, and games. I am sure I will have pictures to post later.

Willow is off for another fun day of building houses out of foam in the pillow room, Lego's, computer, swinging, crafting, playing with new friends, piano, and today they are headed to the pool...her absolute favorite! I really thought she might sleep in today but she was waking me up at 7:30 am ready to go....wahhhhh...I guess I will adjust one day ;)

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Elizabeth G. said...

I had sooo much fun!!!!!!! Remember Kathy wanting to call the police about a weenus? hahahahaha

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