Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, March 26, 2009

School House Rock

Tonight we had an open house potluck at Sego Lily. Tons of fun was had by all! Josh and Mara performed and were terrific. The night opened with playing a drama game and having a mock Judicial committee meeting. Then it was on to hear the live musical performances and chat with friends new and old.

I made challah bread and spinach and feta quiche and Mara made deviled eggs :) I also took a hummus platter.

Since I was grinding wheat and cooking anyway, I made a few batches of applesauce wheatgerm muffins( the kids favorite). I will have to try Julie's pancakes! I am sure my kids would love them!!

Here is the band.....Mara on vocals, Cade on guitar, Josh on bass and Dakota on guitar.
Then Cade performed a guitar solo. He even played with his teeth and behind his head!

Then Mara performed. She was awesome!
Amethyst performed a magic show, she turned David's $1 bill into a $10 bill. Wouldn't you love that gift ;)
So happy.............


On Saturday, Mara was at her plant spirit medicine treatment, Josh was hanging with Justin, David was doing quarterly maintenance so Willow and I went to the park. It was so gorgeous, 75 degrees, breezy...a perfect day....Too bad we have 20 ft of snow again. Gotta love Utah weather.

mastering the spiral slide.......

When David was done, he came to the park with the dogs and we went for a short hike and played. Can't wait for that beautiful weather to return!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bell Canyon

Yesterday David and I did our first hike of the season! What a great way to welcome Spring!
We didn't make it all the way to the top, as we ran out of time but what we did was lovely....well, all accept me falling and twisting my ankle. I am ok now, just sucked coming down those evil steps!We have plans to go back up later in the season to see the waterfall.

I Love this Man..............

Here is my geology lesson for the day. David was telling me all about how the granite is cooled and hardened lava and the grey rock is sedimentary rock that formed on top during Lake Bonneville...or something like that :)

The snow is still there on parts of the path....but Spring is definitely showing her head. Butterflies, birds, green grass....I love it! Looking forward to more hikes........

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