Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Aspen!!!

Last week David and I went to Portland to celebrate Aspen's birthday! Josh, Mara and Willow went to stay with David's parents. We are so thankful to Larry, Patti and Anya for letting us stay with them during our visit. We had a great time! Aspen had told us at Christmastime that she would like to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium on her birthday so that is what we did.

Aspen and Anya have quite the collection of dolls! They sit front and center in the den :)

Aspen and Anya opening their "matching" gifts from us. Anya's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. Of course Anya's dog Baili was right in the middle :)

Then it was off to the coast for some sightseeing fun!

We saw some people fishing for crab......

And of course the sea lions......

Then it was off to the Aquarium.......

This guy was just hanging out with Aspen :) He stayed for a long time and his mouth was moving like he was talking to her :) We told her he was wishing her "Happy Birthday!"

In the walk through aquariums, there was an awesome exhibit of fish prints, made by a local artist.

Then back to the beach to watch the sun set......

Then we drove back to Portland to eat and open gifts at our favorite resturant that they FINALLY opened there! (On The Border) We really need one in Salt Lake!

Happy Birthday Aspen!! We love you!!!

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