Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Andrew Bird Concert

Last night David and I went to see Andrew Bird in concert. It was really great! He is so talented!! I love the violin and he plays it is the most amazing way. He also played the xylophone, the saxophone, the clarinet, electric guitar and he whistles. I am not sure how he can whistle like that. It is totally a gift! I love how he alternates plucking the violin and playing. It is really amazing. It reminds me of Mara and her guitar chording and picking. So cool! He also did a lot of recording and looping his recordings back into his song so he was playing 2-3 instruments at a time.
Here are some pictures we took :) We also took video but it sounds terrible because of the crowd noise. So, if you want to hear his work just look him up on youtube...there is tons. I want to see him again and take Josh and Mara..they would love it!

The opening band was Lonely, Dear. They are from Sweden and are so great! The lead singer has such an amazing spirit. I told David he is just so real and joyful in life. They were great and I will be adding them to my song list soon :)

Andrew Bird:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chili's February Family Birthday Celebration

Well, since there are 7 of us on David's side of the family with birthday's in February, we meet and celebrate them all in one big meal. We have been meeting at Chili's for dinner for I think 4 years now. This year I remembered my camera and Mara snapped some photos.

Happy 2nd Birthday Juniper Wren!

And the February Birthday's just keep on coming...........................

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mara made me this sweet cake and card!

David gave me tickets to see Andrew Bird this Wednesday night~ Can't wait!

After cake and presents, David, Willow, Kathy and I went to see Twilight for the 6th time :) Well, 6 for me and Kathy at least. Then David and I went to McGraths Fish House for some delicious coconut shrimp!

It was a wonderful Birthday!

Soldier Hollow 2009

For the past 5 years, David and the girls have attended Soldier Hollow Winter Fest with Girl Scouts of Utah. They go cross country skiing and tubing an they have so much fun! This was Willow's first year to attend. David had to pry her out of the skis! I guess she takes after Aspen in that regard. We need to get her out on the slopes more often.

Having a snack...........

Off to tube~

This is the only picture David got of Mara! She and Sarah were off doing their own thing.....

Willow's 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated Willow's 6th birthday last Friday. She chose "the bouncy place" to hold the festivities. As you can see from the pictures below, a great time was had by all!

Cute girls!

Opening gifts...........

A beautiful birthstone necklace made by Kathy!

Pizza time!

Then it was off to bounce!..........

While the mom's chatted :)

Then off to play a round of laser tag........

Time for cake and ice cream..........

Willow got to spin the birthday wheel for a prize....she won $10!

Then it was into the prize box...she won 35 tickets!

The DJ did a shout out for her and played her favorite David Archuletta song. She went running and spinning and danced out on the rink for her song :) The was after we explained to a 6 year old what a DJ was ;)
She had a great day and is so blessed to have so many friends celebrate with her. Thanks everyone!

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