Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What we are up to....

I have not had much to post about lately but we have been pretty busy! Just our everyday joyful lives doing the things we love and loving the things we do!

There has been..............

Dasiy Girl Scouts

Music Lessons

D and D club...and again ;)

sleepover madness

WOW, WOW and much too much WOW ;) (world of warcraft)


movies...Twilight for the 4th time, Josh coming along this time and enjoying it

running and running and hoping to run a 5K in March

Kathy and I having a double feature night with Twilight and Austrailia (did you know you can order food in a movie theater and they will deliver it to your seat on a tray that hooks into the cup holders?? I had no idea! Not that the food was that great but it is a cool concept :)

knitting, sewing and painting galore crafting with friends and finishing tons of projects!

reading all 4 "Twilight" books in a Month! I so love the story we all want to be vampires now ;) ( all but Josh, he would rather be a werewolf )

cooking new dishes some we love some not so much

teaching Maggie to shake


jacuzzi baths

new haircuts that made me cry

preparing for heading off to Portland to celebrate Aspen's 18th!!! And preparing Josh, Mara and Willow for a week long stay with Grandma and Grandpa (no Willow you cannot only pack clothes for 90 degree weather! ;) )

ortho appointments with frankenstine like devices pulling teeth down into place!

snow, inversions, snow, rain!

American Idol and finally LOST!

writing music, blowing Mom and Dad away with incredible talents

wishing and dreaming of future plans...

preparing to take the drivers lic test..

looking into many choices

passport photos and applications......gearing up for Mexico in April!

I am sure the next time I post it will be all about our trip to Oregon......

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