Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating for The Holidays!

I can't believe it is that time again but here we are decorating like crazy for the whirlwind month of festivities. Personally, waking up on a deserted island in the South Pacific would be a much welcomed replacement but my kids love this time of year so much that I have to find it in me to celebrate along with them :) So, we took the Thanksgiving Decorations down yesterday and started decorating for Christmas. Kathy and Michael gave us their artificial tree so this is the first year that we have done a fake one. It looks rather beautiful :) The kids can't wait till next weekend when their shoes are filled with treats from St. Nicholas., the first of our traditions to happen this year :)

The Advent Pockets are filled and ready to start opening tomorrow!
The Stocking's are hung and ready for Santa.....
Lots of decorations all around the house.....
The tree is all finished and ready for presents....
The Santa photos are up and on display....just waiting for Aspen to get home before we take this years :)
The Christmas village is sat up...complete with snow.....
The St. Nicholas shoes are ready to go on the porch next week!

Boy's Weekend

The Dad's and the boy's had another fabulous weekend at the cabin. Lots of video games and food!

Happy 16th Birthday Cody! Josh had to bring him a gag gift :) He brought one of Willow's My Little Pony dolls that has a glitch. Every one in a while instead of saying "I love you" it says "You're and Idiot" :) Of course the boys just loved that ;0

Wrath of The Lich King

Ok, so this is a way old post :) I have been so busy with the Holiday's lately that I have neglected this blog. So, here is the first of many out of order posts to come :)

On Thursday,November 13th (I think?) World of Warcraft's, Wrath of The Lich King was released. Wednesday night at midnight, David, Josh and Justin went to Best Buy to stand in line to get their pre ordered copy. It was kind of a letdown though, Comcast was not prepared for the massive event and our Internet was down all night. The boys made good the next day though, they played all day on their new Death Night characters :) Cody came and joined the madness :) I am a level 61 mage right now. I have not played since I started working on my Holiday Gifts, but as soon as I am finished I will be right back on~

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful day. We stuffed ourselves till we couldn't move :) We spent the day with great friends, having fun....relaxing, playing...the way Holidays should be :)

We started the night before with David making his pecan pies and Mara trying her hand a coconut pie. We also made a shrimp dip, a spinach dip and got the turkey ready. We headed over to our Friends The Reid's for a day of playing WOW, knitting, eating and chatting away. Needless to say we had our fill! Not only did we have the foods above, we also had broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, Butterhorn rolls, a to die for green bean casserole courtesy of Kathy, mashed potatoes and Michael's amazing gravy(for which now I can never eat mashed potatoes without ;) ). I think we finished all the leftovers off today, time to cook again :) Here are a few pictures...I actually didn't take any, these are the ones David took :) Most of them are tormenting the boys with the flash :)

We made these turkey placemats in Daisies last week. Then the whole family made one :) David's is the one with the crazy eye ;)

Willow also made this pinecone turkey. I think we have 30 of these now!

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