Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Halloween Fun......

We have been busy, crafting and decorating for the season....we LOVE this time of year!

Willow working hard on her Jack O Lanterns..........

These are the cutest! I got the idea from Family fun, only I used hot glue and googly eyes instead of paper cut out eyes and double sided tape.. ..I wanted them to last a while!

Some creepy black roses for the occasion.....

This is my new cupcake stand....the kids always want cupcakes for our annual party so I picked this up at Michael's for $3! It can hold 24 cupcakes. So cute!

This was my $5 Gardner Village splurge. Elizabeth got one too! Now if I can only keep Willow from taking off with him.....

Here are my cool "Halloween Hang-ups" from Martha Stewart.......These were so easy to make! Willow helped cut all the parts out and I glued the together.

uhhh, I think we have an infestation pressure "Norm" but I think they are attracted to the unfinished stairs ;) No, really got this cute idea from Martha Stewart also....

Willow wanted to make a Halloween trick or treating pail. She did a great job! She decided that she would use the shovel to dig for her candy :)

Build A Bear Halloween~ So, we are up to 34 of the little creatures :) I finished their shirts last Saturday. I think they are starting to take over...all those beady eyes looking down on me kind of creeps me out....especially when I am here alone......


Stephanie S. said...

The rat silhouette's are a great idea!
Though I'd not dare, as in the wee hours currently I am hearing a mouse scratching about in the den. :0

I really like the large silhouette's too - the big life size witch ones. Someday I'll put a couple of those up.
It looks fabulous, by the way.
Happy crafting!

Teri said...

Ooh, I want to see the lifesized ones!

I want to make more mice for next year, and put them around in my kitchen, on the walls on top of the counters :)

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