Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where did the week go???

Well, we had such a busy week that I have neglected the blog again :)

Ok, it wasn't that busy :) I have just become addicted to World Of Warcraft and can't stop playing :) Josh is in heaven, and well, so is David. Right now I am a level 17 mage.

Anyway, in between WOW here is what we have been up to this week :)

On Monday:
  • Willow had her "co-op" and Mara came along to make salt dough creations with great friends
  • Willow had art class
  • Mara had a performance (which went great!) Lexi went and then came home to sleepover with Mara
  • Josh had D and D club and came home from his marathon sleepover at Justin's and brought Cody home with him for another marathon sleepover:)
On Tuesday:
  • Willow had ballet
  • Josh and Mara had another overnight with Cody and Lexi
  • I had a girl scout service unit meeting
  • I started playing WOW :)
  • I made Rene's soup...yummy!

On Wednesday:

  • we skipped art and craft because I stayed up too late playing WOW ;)
  • Mara had Jazz
  • Josh had a coaches meeting (he is coaching Willow's soccer team! :) )
  • we got tons of books from the library on Brazil for culture club coming up next week
  • Willow checked out a bunch of books and read them to me. Willow started reading a few weeks ago..
  • Josh started reading a D and D chapter book....I can't remember the name..

On Thursday:

  • Josh and Mara had guitar lessons
  • Willow and I took the dogs to the park and met some new friends
  • Mara and I went to lunch and picked up supplies to make things for Etsy
  • Mara had art class
  • I went on a marathon grocery shopping trip
  • Mara and I started reading Lord of The Flies for our Mother Daughter book club next week
  • I played WOW

On Friday:

  • I made applesauce wheat germ muffins and potato leek soup and David made us these amazing club sandwiches for lunch
  • Willow did a play
  • I played WOW with Josh...starting to see my addiction??
  • Willow and I read about 40 kidding :)
  • Mara had a performance
  • We took down the pool..too cold for swimming!


Well, today, David, Josh and Willow went to Grandma and Grandpas for a while, David needed to cut some wood for some things he is building.. Mara and I are blogging :) and reading Lord of the Flies. I am making a BBQ chicken in the oven right now. It is actually a very relaxing weekend....the week to come is maddening!

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Diane said...

I told Max your "good WOW news" and he did the Rocky Hands up salute! He is higher level than you and wants to make sure you know it! I need to get these boys together somehow :)
Diane & crew (check out the blog for beach photos)

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