Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playdough, Hairy Beasts and Dragons

Today was a quite day....I say that because only Willow was around. Josh was continuing a marathon sleepover and Mara had 2 performances of Cinderella today. She will be so tired tonight!

Willow woke up insisting on play dough, so we made play dough while David was grooming our hairy beasts.

Then Willow made a "death trap" for her hamsters. I only call it that because I am so attached to those little guys. I hate to see the tortured in the name of love :)

Juniper was in her worst nightmare when David used the grooming tool from our vacuum. ;) Amazingly enough she did not pee everywhere!

Check out the small "monster" he got of of Juniper!

It has been starting to feel like fall around here. It is making me in the mood for decorating. So, I pulled out some fall craft ideas to work on this nest week....

I made this simple little "conker dragon" from acorns that I had from Oregon. Willow has been running all over with it, but it is Maggie who wants to eat it :)

I also decorated the nature table for Fall. I have "St George" on his steed battling the dragon for the celebration of Michaelmas coming up soon! ....and on the other side the little root children and the fall gnomes preparing for winter. Willow has loved this. I read to her The Story of The Root Children recently and she has been pretending she is a root child. She has been carrying these guys around all day.

I thought I would also share my whale from Project Wild. I realized I never took a picture of him. I thought one of my kids would make a friend for him but there hasn't been much interest yet :)

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