Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Culture Club

We are in a club called culture club that meets once a month to learn about different cultures all over the world. This month we talked about Brazil. Mara made some Brazilian honey spice bread and Josh made a shrimp frittata. Josh also did a report on the origin of the Brazilian people. Did you know they came from Siberia?? I didn't :) Willow wanted to talk about Carnaval and the Amazon rainforest. She dressed up like she was in the Carnaval parade in her sparkly dress and glittery butterfly mask and demonstrated the dance ti to the Samba. She and I also made some paper mache puppets. Here are some pictures of the process...

First we took balloons and blew them up. We covered them in strips of newspaper dipped in a glue and water mix and left them to dry overnight.

Then Willow painted hers with gesso to seal it and get it ready for decorating. I wanted to shape mine into something so I added more newspaper shaped info facial features....

Then we left them to dry....

Mara painted mine :) She did a great job!

I LOVE Willow's hair :) She did such a great job on her puppet. We learned that the ones they carry and march in Carnaval at 10 feet tall! They are simply amazing.

Willow did a report on animals of the rainforest and Carnaval :)

I learned to do 3-D Brazilian embroidery.... I love it, it is really relaxing.

After the presentations, we all enjoyed some Brazilian food. Well, all except that frittata that Josh made. It was so gross and my house and van still smell like shrimp! I told him I was picking what we made for India next month :)

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Weezy said...

I love the puppets!!! They are simply amazing. You are incredible!!!

BTW, you've been tagged. Check out my blog for the details!!!

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