Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Willow's Mini Music Class

For the last 3 months, Willow has been taking a music class. She loved it! Now she wants to take piano and violin and guitar and drums and singing and and and...... :)

The learned about quarter notes, and rests, half notes and rests, treble clefts and bass clefts and musical staff. the learned the counts for each and where they go on a musical staff. Paige, her teacher, we really cute with the games they played to learn this. I heard Willow from the other room counting and clapping "quarter note, quarter note, quarter note, rest, haaalllf note, quarter note, rest" She got it for sure :)

They learned to sing up high with "High Hannah" and to sing down low with "low Louie"

They learned to play music fast and slow :)...and other ways...

They played parachute games with music.......

They learned the musical alphabet and learned to find the keys. It was really cute, the 2 black keys are the dogs ears and the key in between is "D" for dog. The dog chases the cat so the key to the left is "C" and the elephant chases the dog so the key to the right of the dog is "E". then the 3 black keys are the baby's crib. The white key on the far left of the 3 black keys is "F" because it is the front of the crib, the key to the far right of the 3 black keys is "B" because it is the back and the baby says "GA" so the keys in the middle are "G" and "A". I know I learned something new :)

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Weezy said...

sounds like Willow had a lot of fun. I love her new is really cute on her!!

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