Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Wild: Adaptation Artistry

Tuesday was our 2nd Project Wild meeting in the summer session. We did the lesson called Adaptation Artistry. We learned about birds and talked about why they have the feet and beaks and behaviors that they do.

Then the kids then created their own original bird. They had to tell where it lives, what it ate, what style beak and feet it had, whether it was male or female and what it had the characteristics to adapt to it's environment.

We had a tone of fun! These guys are so creative!

Josh and Justin eating lunch before we head over to the Aviary:

The it was off to The Tracy Aviary:

In the Aviary the first bird we came too was The Pelican. They are so huge!

The horn Bills were a hit! The keepers had given them a box with toys in it and they were ripping their way in:

The flamingos were so cute...if you blow up the picture you can see the grey fuzzy baby in the back:

We all walked over to watch a bird show:

Our friend Nicolas holding the toucan:

Harrison the hawk and Aurora the owl won the bird "idol" contest:

Afterwards, we walked over to the carnival rides in Liberty Park. The kids had such a fun day!

Willow and Arianna on the carousel:

Melissia and Mina on the carousel:

Josh and Justin on the swings:

Here are our birds:

Here is my Coca-Cola Bird:

Here is what I wrote about it:

The coca-cola bird, or avi-coca, lives in the back of your refrigerator waiting to get a hold of your coke. He has special claws that enable him to pop open coke cans and a straw like beak to drink it up. The acid levels in the coke are well suited to this bird because he is able to convert it into his heat producing, and camouflaging red skin. He lays his eggs in the back of the fridge and coats them in a sticky film of coke to protect him from the elements.

Here is Joshua's Halo Bird: (for those that don't know Halo is a video game....of course ;) )

Here is what he wrote:
The Halo bird has adapted to his environment by scooping fluid spores up on to his back and using his backward beak to drink them. It uses it's 3rd eye to see the future and the past and uses it to shoot a ray of energy. It was created by the forerunner (I guess that is something in the game) The scientific name is: coelo-avi

Here is Mara's Musical Mombo Tombo Shopoholomp Bird!

Here is what she wrote about:

This bird is never seen by humans. It lives in a guitar and eats the finger grease off the strings. It keeps your guitar super clean and tunes it every night. It's ear is on the top of it's head (the yellow feather). When you play the guitar it hops around inside. This bird is only a male and it lays eggs out the back end. It's scientific name is: Thermstoma-avi

Here is Willow's Earth Bird. It has been many types of birds but the latest is the Earth Bird.

This is what she wrote:

The Earth bird lives on Earth. It likes to eat stars in the sky. It has a long slender beak perfect for sucking the insides of stars. The feet are well suited for climbing and grasping vertical surfaces. The scientific name is Geo -Avi.

We had a great time and I think we all learned a lot about why birds look they way that they do...depending on their environment.

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