Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mara's 13th Birthday Party

Saturday night was celebrated Mara's 13th birthday! She had a great day all around. She had theater rehersal that afternoon and Sarah went along to watch (she had spent the night the night before) To our amazement, Colin, the director of the theater, had made her a birthday cake and had her get on stage and the cast all sang to her! She was so happy :) The guy that plays the king also made her a cake! She is one lucky girl :)

Mara Sarah and Willow helped make the cakes for the party.....

Mara's cakes :) We made 2 so there would be enough for 10 teenagers.

The dining room was set up for the "American Idol" style talent show.....

Waiting for everyone to arrive...enjoying yet another episode of Family Guy ;)

The boys went for a swim while the girls practiced for the talent show :)

Dinner was Mara's favorite: Spaghetti and Meatballs!

Then it was time for the Talent Show!

Josh played "Smoke on the Water" on his bass guitar

Sarah played and sang "One More Day" a song that she wrote...

Robert played random chords :)

Sarah played and sang "I'm Here" by Aly and AJ

Mara and Lexi sang "I Miss You" by Miley Sirus

David and Mara played and sang a song they wrote together "Losing Touch"

Mara sang and played "Seven Seas" a song she wrote

Willow sang "Star's Come Out" a song she wrote with Mara
Mara sang and played "Watching Me" a song she wrote

Willow sang "Fairies come out and fly" a song she wrote

Sarah sang "Tattoo" by Jordan Sparks

Then everyone got awards :) Like "Hot Tamales" "U-No" "10000 Grand" "STARburst" "Nerds" "Skor" :) then an few that were just favorites :)

Getting ready for cake and presents.........

Note to self: Do not sing when holding the camera ;)
Mara played a game to open her gifts where she had to close her eyes and everyone said "Happy Birthday to Mara with a bop on the head" Then someone took the gift they brought and "bopped" her head and said "Happy Birthday!" in a weird voice. She then had to guess who it was :)
Opening Robert and Sarah's gift.... A beautiful candle, picture frame and glassware

Then Justin's gift.... A beautiful card from Kathy, Frankincense from Saudi Arabia (they lived there once), incense, coal and a sage our home smells so wonderful!

Then our gift to her....a camera!

Then Lexi and Cody's gift..... (Cody said how hard it was for him to part with it! ;)) A beautiful purse, a friendship necklace, a birthday WISH bracelet, and a plethora of guitar picks! Oh and of course one of LeeAnn's beautiful cards :)

After presents, we ate the cake and ice cream and watched movies. We watched Charlie Bartlett and The Mist. Ok, I am scared for life from The Mist now.... The kids were up till like 3am. Mara had such a fun night! I can't believe she is 13! Now I have 3 teenagers!

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