Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last Friday was The Certiport company Lagoon Day. We had a blast as usual! We are hoping to go one more time this summer....if we can fit it in somewhere ;)

First stop....Lagoona Beach:

Ahhh, the lazy river.....

Josh and Mara hanging with Willow in the kiddie area after Willow so bravely tried a "big slide". She ended up flipping out of the tube and the life guard walked her down the stairs. :( Maybe next year she will be just a bit bigger :)

After Lagoona Beach, we were off to ride some rides.....first stop..Rattlesnake Rapids, since we were already wet :)
Ok, this is the funny of the day. Josh comes out of the locker room after changing from his swimsuit and he is shirtless. He says "my shirt fell in the toilet....but it was a clean toilet".....long pause from his mother......"are you serious???There is no such thing as a clean public toilet! Oh my gosh, you are SO not putting that back fact in may be burned! SO, he and Mara got matching t-shirts :) Now they look even more like twins.

David got soaked on the Rattlesnake rapids :)

After we were done being wet, we changed...well some of us did and went to ride all the dry rides.

At the company BBQ, Josh won a stuffed monkey, Willow won a speed racer toy and I won a portable D VD player!

Willow and I rode the sky ride across to get to the Twister while David, Josh and Mare rode all the "big" roller coasters.

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Stephanie S. said...

I'm looking forward to going soon.

That's hilarious about the toilet. Gah!

Congrats on the dvd player!!

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