Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Willow got her ear's pierced!

Willow has been begging to get her ear's pierced for going on a month now. So, we headed off to the mall today to see about it. I was not sure how she would react. She has never done anything that would even closely relate to it. We don't vaccinate, so she hasn't had a shot...... so, I was a little worried. I was hoping they would do them at the same time but there was only one girl working at Claire's today. Willow said she could handle it so we did it :) She was walking on air afterwards! She could not be happier :) Oh, and I should say thank you to Mara for your wonderful video an photography skills!

She was all smiles on the way to the mall.....

She saw the carousel in the mall and said she was too big for those thing now :( She said when she was 4 she really loved to ride but now that she is 5 1/2 she is into jewelry :)

First we had lunch.......

Then it was off to Claire's......

She first wanted the $40 diamonds :) They were quite large so she picked the cute blue ones...

They let her hold their bear during the process......

She is so happy!!!!

She had money from her Great Grandma Rene and so she picked out this little light up notebook :)

Thanks Mommy........ ;)

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Diane said...

Love the journal entry. I was much older when I got mine pierced! Thank you for the video, it is wonderful! I am having great difficulty uploading video to my blog :( It takes for-ever and never finishes. Any hints?

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