Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Freeway, Rice Burgh and Harry

This week we are pet sitting for some friends while they are camping. Junie and Maggie LOVE having friends over! They are all really sweet and we are having a blast playing with them..... I was a little worried when they dropped them off. Freeway just stood at the front door waiting. So, we got everyone on leash and went for a walk around the block so they could see where they were. I just kept telling Freeway that we loved him and that his family will be home soon :) Now he is hanging with us :) Rice burgh on the other hand is too busy and interested in everything to care :)

This is Harry....he is so sweet :) Almost makes me want to have a guinea pig again ;)

Josh walking the puppies.. (Willow had Junie and Mara had Maggie ) Josh slept with Freeway and Riceburg on his legs and Junie by his side last night :) They were all in heaven....

This is Freeway....what a sweetheart! he is so protective of Rice burgh! It is adorable :)
This is Rice burgh...
He likes to see what we are doing on the computer :)
Junie and Maggie just need a bone or a ball and they are content :)

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