Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yeah for Summer!!!!!!

Well, at 10:15 Willow and I decided to catch a reptile show at the library that started at 10:30. Neither one of us was dressed or had eaten but we flew like lightning to get out the door and made it in time :)

It was part of The Summer Reading Program and was put on my a reptile rescue. It was pretty interesting:

Snakes, snakes and more snakes :)....................

She said the python felt like cold rubber :)

These were the desert rattlesnakes. We learned that a black widow spider is 13 times more venomous than a bite from one of these guys. He also told us about the babies and their inability to control the release of venom and how you get much more from a bite by them. He had rescued these off of roads and out of backyards. I am glad I have not run across any in our backyard!

Willow's favorite, the Desert Tortoise. She got to pet him and loved it.....

Then came the lizards.........

Ahh, my friend the Gila Monster, most of you would not get that, but I am on a medication for PCOS that is made from the saliva of this guy! Well, the medication is actually a synthetic form of it, but it started out as pure Gila monster spit. It is injected twice a day....real fun....

This was the "highlight" so to speak. This was a monitor lizard, related to the komodo dragon. He fed it a dead rat. It was gross, but cool at the same time to watch him swallow it down.

This was the last guy, he was also a monitor lizard..I think a Savannah Monitor......

Then it was off to Einsteins for lunch....Willow's FAVORITE place :)

While out, our friends Melissia, Ari and Mina called and invited us to come swimming, so off we went. First stop,.... get Willow a new bathing suit. She has grown soooo much, she is wearing a 6X now!!! We went to Mervyns and they had a huge sale so we got 2, one with Tinkerbell and one with Hello kitty. When we got to the pool, Ari screamed, "Willow! Hey I have then Tinkerbell suit", ....guess what Ari was wearing....the hello kitty one :) I guess great taste runs strong in these girls! :)

we had a blast swimming.....

I left around 5pm to go help David with the floors in the house....(I will post pictures later)

Willow stayed at the pool with friends until 6! And then went home with them. They decided to have a sleepover but sure enough at 1 am we got the call to come and get her :) Ahh, it starts with Willow now.....We have done this with the other 3 and now it is her turn :)

She was talking a mile a minute when she got home about all the fun things she did with Ari and then suddenly, she was out :)

It was a great day, welcoming summer..............

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