Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, June 26, 2008

our wonderful life

Today was filled with friendship and fun, water and mud, rocks and "golden" fish from the planet "Bark Bark" , mermaids in the lagoon and monster mama's who find them ;)

It was a wonderful, magical day..........

First we had Dungeons and Dragons Club...........I heard tales of dark forests, mountains to climb, deer for dinner, and teamwork to complete the quest. They are so imaginative and amazing.

Then it was off to the park for a fun day for Willow and her friends Ari and Mina (and of course my friend Melissia ;) ) They created this amazing world in the stream that runs through the park.
In this park there is a Boy's and Girls Club that would bring groups of kids over to play off and on. I cannot tell you how many kids said to us "you know there are leeches in that water!" We just smiled and said cool! Leeches ;)
We pretty much decided that was what the Boy's and Girl's club directors were telling all the kids there so they would stay out of the water :)
We have been playing in this water for ever. It is the same mountain stream that runs through Tanner Park where we swim and our dogs swim....Never a leech to be found. It is just funny to me that these kids (pre -teens and teens) have not thought to themselves what would actually happen if you got a leech on you? Hmmm, the result of public school sucking away critical thinking skills....maybe? Who knows....for now we shall enjoy our mountain streams, leeches and all ;)

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