Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This far :)

Well, I HAD some great pictures of Monday's adventures but no, my camera had to magically delete them as always. So, I will just fill you in :)

On Monday we met some friends at Ibach park for an afternoon of fun! The kids played tag, jump rope games and all kinds of "toss and kick" the ball. Willow really enjoyed the park's water feature and sand :) This is the only picture that survived that day :) I had to laugh at her dainty hands and pearl bracelet covered in sand and sporting her new find...a beetle :)

On Tuesday, I went with Aspen to PCC (Portland Community College ) and got her squared away. She is now officially a college student. She grew up so fast. She is doing a program where she completes her high school diploma and earns college credit at the same time. She only has about 7 credit hours to go for her HS diploma so she is excited! She took the college placement exams yesterday and did great! She tested out of reading (yes, for all of you who never thought Aspen would learn to read ;) ) and she tested into writing and math just fine. I am sure the others will follow in her footsteps soon.

On Wednesday I took Mara to choir, which she LOVES!! and then Josh to boy scouts which he LOVES! :) Mara has a performance coming up on June 1st and Josh is working hard on his sculpture badge. He made a life sized head, an 8" figure and last night a plaster mold of a pear. We are waiting for it to completely dry before we open it. One of the dad's in the group is an artist and he has a kiln so this summer he will fire the pieces. I will post pictures of them. Josh is already volunteering at a plant sale this Saturday, and putting out Flags at Willamette National Cemetery next week in honor of memorial day. He is skipping over Camporee next weekend in lieu of celebrating his birthday at the beach :) He is going to be 15!!! When did that happen? He will be at PCC before I know it!

Well, that is all I have for now :)

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