Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plant Sale and Waldorf School Fun

Today we had to be at The Ledding Library Plant Sale at 7:30!! We are soooo not morning people but Josh and I made it there only 10 minutes late :) His Boy Scout troop was volunteering there today.

Josh was there from about 8:00 till 4:00 helping people carry their plants to their cars. He had a great time and it really gave him an opportunity to get to know the other boys in the troop.

My sweet, sweet boy even bought me flowers with his own money at the end. I had given him some money to buy a few things for our patio and when he was paying he said, pointing to the vase of beautiful flowers, "these are separate" Then he pulled out his wallet and paid for it on his own :) The lady checking us out teared up and told me that you don't see that many teens showing such respect for their moms these days :) I just had to unschooling life of respecting him and his choices has made him the kid he is today :)

Willow, went in to the book sale that was going on at the same time and she was able to get a book for free from a yellow wagon that was full of books. Then she wanted a stepping stone kit, so we bought one for a $1.50!!! Wow, I almost felt bad taking all the tiles that she piled in her mold for such a small price. We are going to make it later.
After all was done, I took Josh and Willow over to the Portland Waldorf school across the street to play on their awesome play structure. It is called a Hexamid Netscape. It is basically bungee cord linked together. It is so cool! The entire thing is bouncy and they had a blast!

When we got home, Willow helped me get all the plants into pots and also she planted her seeds that out neighbor Chris (in Utah) gave to her plant at her new home. She planted Poppy's, Blue Flax, and Grey Feather. We also had some Forget me Not's that she got from the Easter Bunny that we planted and of course the pants that Josh bought. They were, strawberries, red bunny tails, pansies and an unknown flower that looks very similar to a snap dragon :)

In the meantime, I have not seen Aspen in a while..... I think she lives with Anya now :) My poor child is making up for 5 years of loneliness so I am not saying a word :)
Mara went to see her friend Connor in a show at Comedy Sportz Club and she is so excited to take a class this summer!

Well, Happy Mother's day to all my Mom friends and of course to my Mom and Carolyn :) I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

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