Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our fun far

Ok, I guess I am getting into the habit of posting once a week. I barely have time to be on here and I guess that is a good sign that we are happily settling in!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we had a great day! First, we took a long hike. I didn't really mean for it to be 5 miles but it turned into it :) We have all of these wonderful nature trails that wind throughout our neighborhood and so we set out to explore. We came across a snake, which of course Josh immediately picked up. ( Willow just think he is the coolest! ) Maggie also scoped one out in the tall grasses but it was MUCH bigger and luckily for me it got away :)
Then, we came home and watched movies, made shrimp fajitas, and then Anya came over and brought me flowers and she and Aspen did all the dishes and made chocolate chip cookies. Mara wrote me a song on her piano and then gave me a full body massage :) I got a beautiful card from Willow and of course my beautiful flowers from Josh. The only thing that was missing was David! We are SOOOOOO ready for him to be home :) It is almost time and we are counting the days!

On Monday, we went to the homeschool roller skate at Oaks Park. For those of you that are not familiar with Oaks Park it is a really cool place. Not only is it a skating rink that will actually float if the Willamette ever floods again, but it is also a fun amusement park and home of my kids all time favorite "Not Back to school day " held in September. This is when all the school kids go back to school and the Homeschoolers take over the park! It is great! Just another advantage to free learning :) Willow did great for her first time on roller skates. we ran into some old friends and had a great day.
After skating we headed over to a friend's for pizza and fun and then it was off to Aspen's and Mara's girl scout meeting. Willow and I stuck around for their meeting which was a service project weeding the camp shed :) It is a great troop of over 30 girls, 7th - 12th grade, who are very active and involved in the program. They went to the GS chalet in Switzerland last year, they are going to Mexico this year and they go to Canada every year. The girls are so happy! I have also geared up and will be leading Willow''s Daisy troop in the Fall!
On Tuesday we went to see Sleeping Beauty at the Northwest Children's Theater. I had forgotten how incredible their shows were. We all loved it, especially Willow. Mara is going to be trying out with them soon, so keep her in your thoughts! She is so nervous.
Then we headed over to Village Home School Resource Center where I am bartering my time in exchange for membership. Josh is already enjoying many activities there and Mara is gearing up for a very busy weekend there! She is doing several artist workshops and an overnight just to name a few. We are really looking forward to getting more involved in the fall. They have some amazing things going on!
On Wednesday Mara had homeschool choir and then we had training for GS day camp. Aspen and Josh are both working at camp as PA's. They will be helping/leading a unit of kids. Aspen has a group of Brownies this year and Josh is with the boys. I was really glad to see how excited Josh was after tonight's meeting. I was a little worried with him being lost in a literal sea of teenage girls :) He is going to be hiking, building forts, doing archery, having water fights.....a boys dream come true :) Mara is a PAIT or a PA in training :), I am a unit leader for a group of Brownies and Willow is a Daisy! I have also volunteered to ride the bus which means I have to check girls in and off the bus each day. The bus is like the part of camp that you really can't miss out on. Lots and lots of singing. I will have my earplugs handy though! We are so excited!! Camp is not until July so we have a while to wait :) The older kids spend the night one of the nights and Josh was so happy to find out that the boys do too. This is like 300 times larger than our tiny day camp in SLC. I knew it was big here with having my girls involved before, but it is just amazing all the activities and opportunities they will have!
So, the rest of the week is to come and is filled with much more fun!

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Elizabeth G. said...

Wow, what a blast! There sure are a lot of wonderful activities for you guys in Portland. I was excited just reading about it all. This village for homeschoolers where you will be homeschooling, what exactly is it?

Please say Hi to Josh from Robert (I think that Sarah e-mails Mara).

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