Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flag Plant for Memorial Day 2008

Tonight I went with Josh to his Boy Scout troop's Flag Plant at Willamette National Cemetery. It was quite an honor and a humbling experience. It was a cold and rainy evening after a bright an sunny day :) Gotta love Portland weather!

First, 2 members of each troop carried the flags for the flag ceremony. Josh has already done this before so he did not need to participate.

There was a speaker who had fought in 3 wars including the most recent and reminded us all to not forget those that are serving now and those that have passed.

Lowering of the Flag to half mast, with the bag pipes playing in the background. It was quite moving.

I think just between Josh and I we planted at least 200 flags. It was amazing to see how many flags were planted. Apparently last year they were 25,000 flags short! The way that it works is you first plant the flag, say the persons name, and then salute them. One thing that was so sad to me was that for many of the people buried there, we would be the only recognition or visit they would have. Most of the men and women that we planted flags for had fought in WW1 and WW2. I saw a couple from Korea and Josh saw a couple from Vietnam. There were many husbands and wives together and even some with jokes like "that's all she wrote!"


Melissia said...

Hi Teri,
I have been keeping up with your adventures- miss you guys. I wanted to let you know that John's dad is buried at Willamette. Seriously started choking up thinking about you guys putting flags there, we appreciate it since we can't be there to do it.

Teri said...

Wow.... That is so great Melissa. I wonder if he was one of the people we placed a flag for?

we, miss you guys too. Willow can hardly wait until Ari comes out :)

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