Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A week.....

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. I am slacking :)
What we did this week......
Aspen has been "living" with Anya :) I finally had her back home last night. They have been having a lot of fun catching up. Anya has a horse and so they have been riding and taking pictures of their dolls on the horse :) I am glad Aspen has a kindred soul. They went to the zoo and fed the Lorekeets. My only memory of those birds is risking getting pooped on if you enter the area! Aspen is planning on joining Anya at PCC this year. Here are some pictures of her adventures........

Josh and David went and checked out a homeschool boy scout troop on Wednesday and Josh loved it. I am really happy that he found a troop to be a part of. Josh really likes camping and adventures and these guys seem to fit his needs. It was kind of an interesting night. Since we only have one car, the girls and I took the max train to the library so that Aspen could attend an Anime meeting and we could get library cards. Can't live without those! It was so nice for Aspen to go to an Anime club and not be the only one their or the only teenager showing up :)

Josh and Mara have enjoyed spending time with their friends Madeleine and Connor and Willow loves to see Mitchell :)

On Friday, we hung out at their house in the afternoon while the boys went to a card club at Village Homeschool Resource Center.

Mara and Madeleine had a sleepover on Fri night and went to see The Spiderwick Chronicals the next morning. Later that Saturday we hiked around the neighborhood checking out the Streets of Tanasbourne mall that is across the street. Willow played in the fountain and Josh walked Junie around.

There was a lady there registering people to vote and she talked me into it. I had better not see a jury duty notice in the mail tomorrow. I swear that every time I have registered to vote within a week they are calling me and they keep calling me. I don't mind doing my part but not when I am huge and pregnant or breastfeeding a baby (or in my case a toddler :)) So, we will see. I am excited to vote in the primary coming up and in the election.

Yesterday the kids went and watched Madeleine in her performance troop and then hung out afterwards.

Tomorrow Mara is joining a Homeschool Choir and Josh has Boy Scouts. It has been a whirlwind week! We have a full calendar again and that is a great feeling. There is so much fun to be had here, on Friday alone their is homeschool archery, laser tag and JJ jump which is a room filled with giant inflatable bounce houses. I am sure David and the kids will do one or more :) We really want to go to the coast this weekend and Josh wants to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls :) So, looks like it will be another filled week!

Here are some pictures of our abode :) I think we are mostly unpacked~ The kids have been going to the workout gym every day and they cannot wait for the pool to open Memorial Day weekend! It is tight quarters but we love the location.

We are just all so happy to be home!

Just had to get that cutie in there :)

okay, don't look at my messy kitchen :)


Aubrey said...

so cute! i love the new house. it looks like it fits your personality perfectly. and, um, your kitchen wasn't messy in the slightest.
so glad you are feeling full and happy.
hopefully, we will be able to visit soon.


lerend zonder school said...

Glad you guys are settling in and feeling at home again:) I too love your house, so cute and cozy and tons of character!

Wishing you guys the best!!

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