Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Willow's Tricks and update on us

It has been so beautiful here in Utah. Snow is in the forecast but I am trying not to encourage that this way! We put the trampoline together last week and Willow lives on it :) Thank goodness for that trampoline. She has not noticed how busy the rest of the crew has been lately :) yeah, that is Josh and MAra in the back on poop patrol :) Ahhh, the joys of having a dog!

We are busy painting Mara's room white. When Willow had that as her playroom it was pink,....very pink. Mara hates pink! So, it is back to white. I have been painting the bookcases that David built for the den and just getting ready for the new carpet. I am so sick of the concrete floor I could scream! We are also replacing all the carpeting upstairs too, just need to finish all the painting first. I will post pictures of the finished product later :) I am trying to wait to the last possible minute on the carpet with our dogs.

Still waiting to hear about the job in Portland. The company David interviewed with in February, Idialog, still wants him. But, the bad news is we have no idea when that will be. The guy has to hire 3 developers first and apparently they are in high demand. David spoke with the owner and he has hired a recruiter to fill those positions so hopefully it will move a bit faster.

The most recent company that he interviewed with, MSI, has not gotten back but it has only been a little over a week and it was Easter/spring break..... They have to let him know one way or another so yes, we are still in limbo. Limbo sucks!! MSI is based in Omaha, and there is no way, no how, I will ever end up in Omaha( no offense to anyone who lives there)!! Not after driving through a tornado last summer near there. I can still hear Willow... "I hate this drive, all there is, is corn,.... corn everywhere!" :) She was right, there was nothing but corn....and tornadoes. Not a place for me at all. But, they have offices in Salt Lake, Portland and Seattle. So, that works for me :) We just want to go home. It has been almost 5 years already!

So, for now we are waiting and just getting ready for the call. Yes, you know me, or I should say us (David and I) we are packed and ready to go :)

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