Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mara and Lexi's Wedding Experience

Yesterday, Mara was invited to attend her friend Lexi's cousin's wedding. Well, we are not dress wearing people and Mara has grown so fast in the last year that she did not even have a dress. So, I took her to Mervyn's and got her a new outfit (a.k.a the Willows shopping spree). She and Lexi looked so cute. Here are some pictures LeeAnn took of them and of the wedding.
It was interesting. I have come to learn since living in Utah, that if you are a practicing mormon and you don't get married in a temple then it is referred to as a "gutter wedding". Apparently, some were also freaking out about the fact that they were so young and that the groom had a mohawk. It made me think about David and me and how at that time in my life (being that David and I used to be mormon)I guess David and I had a "gutter wedding" according to a lot of Utahans :) Oh, well. Get over yourself people! It is their lives not yours, and they are so happy! I was proud of Mara and Lexi for being shocked by the rude, "catty" comments of others. Apparently the dog was the ring bearer. Mara said she wants Maggie to be hers :)

They are so weird.....

Mara and Lexi with Lexi's Grandpa

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Weezy said...

Mara looks so grown up in those pictures!! She is a beautiful young woman. I've never heard the term "gutter wedding". What an odd term to use. I'm proud of Mara for being shocked by the rude comments people made.

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