Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The mall Easter Bunny

We had a girly girl day at the mall today...minus aspen, she was at her doll meetup (more to come on that later). Willow had to have a build a bear and finally all the coupons and gift cards are gone so I have an excuse not to stand in the 45 minute line to get an animal stuffed! :) She got a cute little pink bunny she named Rainbow.

Then we saw that the Easter Bunny was there. She was not impressed. She was thinking of a gigantic real rabbit not someone in a costume ;)

Then I forced the teenage girls into a picture. They did not like the camera lady because she was trying all kinds of things to get them to smile and she made a mistake and said "say Joe Jonas smells" I swear to you both of their faces turned white and they had the most evil eyes! It turned out cute for a dorky picture with someone in a giant bunny costume :)

It was a fun day for us! (you can see they both got Joe Jonas pins and have them pinned right in front ;) )


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Mara and Lexi with the bunny.

Wendy Ray said...

Who the heck is Joe Jonas?

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