Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 14, 2008

Egg Head Easter

A couple of years ago in Art and Craft circle, we made living Easter baskets by filling the baskets with soil and covering the top layer with wheat berries. They grew into grass in about 1-2 weeks and the kids made little clay figures and hid them among the grass. They were really cute. This year, on a much smaller level, I hollowed out some egg shells and the kids drew faces on them and soon they will have hair :) I have seen mowhawks, crew cuts, pony tails etc. It will be fun to see what they become. To my surprise I even roped the hoard of teenagers into making some!
I have also made "pine cone trees" in the same manner by filling the pine cones with wheat berries and then when you spritz them with water they close up. As long as you keep them moist the wheat berries will sprout in a couple of weeks. If you time it right it is really symbolic of Easter/Spring etc. These are fun in a nature table scene.
Here are the baskets from 2006:

Yeah, she gets it from him... ;)

Signs of Easter and Spring Celebrations around out home.....

My beautiful Birthday Fairy from LeeAnn, Thank you again!!!

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