Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning 2008

Last night, David and I went out to finish up a few things for the baskets and while we were gone, Mara and Willow hung out on the trampoline with the camera :) Cute pictures!

When we were getting ready for bed, Willow said that she wished she had curly hair. So, I told her I could make that happen :) I did not think she would sleep in the rollers but she did!

While waiting for the kids to finally fall asleep, I finished up Willow's slipper. Now on to number 2 :) They look huge and wide but they fit her perfectly! Mara crocheted the flower for me, since crochet pisses me off and makes my hand hurt :) And, well I suck at it! She just whipped it out in like 10 min! I am so glad someone in the family got it!

Then the Easter Bunny filled the baskets!

Willow's Basket:

Mara's Basket:
Josh's Basket:
Aspen's Basket:

Then he hid the eggs the kids dyed the other night :)

Easter Morning, coming down to discover the baskets:

Ok, I know he is almost 15, but since he was a tiny baby I have given him a frog on Easter. I am not stopping now!~ :)
hunting for eggs:
Willow discovered what was left of the carrot she left out for the Easter Bunny:
modeling new clothes; my beautiful kids :)
Styling egg heads:
Josh's egg had so many wheat berries in it, that it has started to crack open :) He just said that he had been in an "accident" ;)
Brushing out the curls:
Brunch time! Willow is out expert egg cracker :)
I guess that is a thumbs up for eggs, bacon and biscuits:
Happy Easter Everyone!
We are off to Grandma and Grandpas........

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