Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 14, 2008

Deskri and Fuyu

As you might have seen in a previous post, Aspen got her first Asian Ball Jointed doll, Fuyu, in October of 2007. Well, Last week she received her 2nd in the mail from China from B and G dolls . His name is Deskri. She is going to paint Deskri's face as soon as the weather cooperates. Aspen is going to use her dolls for photography, drawing and sketching, collecting and seeing that these dolls cost anywhere from $275 to $8,000 she will slowly be collecting them :) They are just an extension of her imagination in the Manga/Anime world :) Here are some photos that she took of the dolls. They are interesting little things. Made out of resin and their faces are eerily real. She loves them and has actually met some other doll collectors on line that live in Utah (if you can imagine!) and they are meeting this weekend at the library. ( don't worry, David is going along to make sure the 17 year old girl is not a 40 year old man with a hacksaw ;)) I will write more about her meet-up later....and pictures of Deskri with a painted face :)

This is Deskri..........

You can sort of see the difference between Fuyu's painted face and Deskri's plain face.....

This is Fuyu.......(he has a black wig and a platinum blond wig)

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Anonymous said...

Aspen, you did a great job on the face painting...that couldn't have been easy. Looks great!
LeeAnn : )

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