Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aspen's Doll Meet-up

Aspen met a bunch of people on a doll forum online and they planned a meetup and the main library today. There were 7 people with their dolls. She had a great time! One gal had 11 dolls! One of the dolls below was $1000.They chatted about dolls, painting, problems etc. One of the dolls needed to be re-strung because of problems with his knees. Aspen said it was cool to watch the process. They have planned another meetup for May. It is great that she has met some other like minded people in Utah.

Aspen's doll Deskri (the one on the right) and this doll are from the same mold......

The girl doll here was $1000 from Volks because she is a limited edition...

These are tinies....they are 30cm tall (at about Aspen's doll's knees)

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Learning Free said...

I think this is so great! So happy that Aspen has met some other people with her same interests! Yeah!

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