Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Elf has been busy....

And yes, that Elf would be me :) I have been busy, but not as busy as years past ......
Here are some of the Holiday creations I made this year.......

These are my "ornaments" for this year. I have been sending out ornaments to friends and families for years (a little tradition my friend Elizabeth and I started like 12 years ago!~) well, this year, I made a decoration instead. The was a pattern another friend Elizabeth shared with me, I tweaked it a bit and knitted scarves and hats for all 20 of them! Yes, I did say 20 :) Aren't they just so cute! They all have their own personality! These are the 6 that we kept for our family of 6 :)

Here is the sweater and toy stegosaurus that I made for my sister's little boy, Jacob :) Yes, the sweater won't fit him till he is 4/5, but sometimes that happens with knitting least it does for me :) Or, maybe all the kids in the woman's family that wrote the pattern are huge behemoth children?? one can never tell :) Needless to say, the sweater fits Willow perfectly and she is a tiny elf so hopefully it will fir Jacob sooner than later :)

The scarf I knit for Grandpa..............

Here are the Chakra bands that I made for a few good friends. I love the meaning behind them and I hope that each friend gets the healing properties that they need from these bands.....

Here are the Holiday cards that I made for this year and the picture we took to go in them :) The card idea was from one of my favorites, Family fun!

Here is the Peruvian hat I made for David.

Here are the candles that I made for Aspen and Mara. Sorry that first pic is so blurry... My dear friend Kathy is a Reiki master and put Reiki into them for me :)

The oven mitt/potholder and bowl set I made for Grandma.......

The set I made for me :)

Happy Christmas 2008

Happy Christmas!

Lying in wait for the kids to wake us up at the break of dawn ;)

The anticipation is too much..........

Let the unwrapping begin!

Time for the stockings and the disgusting treat the dogs got ;)
We can't thank our families enough for the wonderful treasures we opened today....Merry Christmas!
The rest of the day was spent playing, eating, sleeping and just enjoying each other :)

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