Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007!

Waiting to come down the stairs....this after waking David, Willow and me up at 4:45 in the morning! We told them to come back later :) so they came back at 5:15!... So we got up...they were just too excited! Needless to say, we have all been back to sleep today :)

Willow got Rudolph and Clarisse from Santa..
She also got Puppy Grows and Knows your Name, 3 different Littlest Pet Shop sets, an adorable Penguin from Granny that had a recording from her (I say had because she has already recorded over it :)), socks, some sweet little slippers, moon sand, a My Little Pony set,3 adorable books, a refrigerator magnet kit, a puppy in my pocket kit, $ and tons of candy!

Josh got two huge D and D Dragons from, Santa
He also got The Dangerous Book for Boys, Lost Planet and controller for x-box 360, Mythbusters experiment, blockbuster gift card, Burning Crusades WOW, $, a survival kit, socks and an X- box 360 oh, and tons of candy!

Mara got a cauldron, magik herbs, a spell book, journals, incense and candles from Santa...
She also got an electronic keyboard, and MP4 player, journals, a calendar,jewelry, pens, cd player, 2 cds, a robe, fuzzy socks, makeup, mall $, cash and tons of candy :)

(Mara's set up in her room :) )

Aspen got doll painting supplies, a new wig and clothes for Fuyu from Santa...
She also got a skirt and 2 shirts, cds, anime books, DDR with 3 mats for her PS2, a purse, mall $( with enough to get her hair dyed at the salon ;)) , My Sims for her DS, a calendar, film, makeup, $, legwarmers, knee highs, fuzzy socks and tons of candy!

Maggie and Junie got new lufa dogs (let's see how long these last :)) and new balls for the chucket. Asha, Luna, Bella and Sunny all got cat food treats and some toy mice, and Bubbles the hamster even got some fancy seeds :)

David got a new Dremel, $, Best Buy gift card, a Visa Gift Card, chocolates, nuts and tons of Candy. Here he is imitating the picture Mara took for him and put in this frame she made him. Needless to say he will be putting a new picture in there :)

I got a smoothie maker, $, a Visa Gift Card, chocolates, a foot care set, a beautiful family photo album, a calendar, a little doll that Mara made me, some beautiful drawings from Willow and of course tons of candy.
Thanks also to Granny and Steve for renewing our Children's Museum Membership for another year! We love it!!!
And, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Read, Granny and Steve, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Chris and Jacob, Rene, and Granny(Nana) for making this Christmas special. We Love you all!!!!

The snow was beautiful as the sun came up! Asha was not sure if she wanted to venture out this morning :) We definitely had a white Christmas!!
Mary and Joseph made it to the stable today. Willow was so happy to put the baby Jesus in the manger.
Here are some of the videos we took....get ready for some screamin' !! David is off the rest of the week. We have plans to go see The Waterhorse, Enchanted and go sledding amongst DDR challenges, X Box fun, keyboarding, WOW, Build A Bear trips, mall shopping and LPS playing. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

The scream heard halfway round the world :)

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