Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Tuesday

Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least! Willow had her 2nd to last therapy session with Lydia (yeah!) and then we headed off to dance. Well, I must have not looked at the calendar...there was no dance :( So, Willow needed to go to the bathroom so we went in and she insisted on doing it herself. Well, the poor thing couldn't get out of her leotard fast enough and can figure out the rest. So, I strip her down and turn on the sink to get the water warm and start washing her off, only to see that all they had was that recycled paper towel thing to dry hands with so I had to use toilet paper which was not fun. I had a fleece on and I took that off and wrapped Willow in it to get her out to the car. We were on our way to craft circle so I was trying to think what I could do when I realized I was right by a wal mart (I really hate walmart!) So, we ran in grabbed a cheap $3 outfit and got out of there. The great part of the day is that I made this beautiful wreath with my other M.O.D.D.B's (mothers of d and d boys club ;)) and I love it. But that was only the beginning of this day......

Normally my older 3 ride the city bus home but today since I was already downtown I went to pick them up at school, and boy am I glad I did! To make a long story short, Mara has been bullied by these 2 girls since last week. She has been threatened that they were going to beat her up, glared at, rumors spread, and even cyber bullied! Gotta love middle school. Believe me ....I ask myself every day "why are we doing this again?" So, apparently Tues morning, Mara sent this bully an e-mail saying I want it all to stop, the name calling, the threats etc will get the wrath of my mom, my brother and my older sis. (so, we had the long talk about how that is also bullying and was not ok, but I understood that she sent it because she was scared) well, as the kids are coming out of the school, Josh tells Mara that Mark (the principal guy) is looking for her. So, I said Why? Mara explained that this bully told one of the teachers that she could no longer be on a committee with Mara because Mara was mean to her. So, we all go in. Fun, fun, fun. Mark, myself, Mara, another mom and daughter who are also being bullied. So, Mara starts to explain the situation and suddenly Mark pulls the bully kid in. Mara and her friend have their moms with them and she is there all alone, it really wasn't a fair mediation. I really should have said something but I was in the mother bear mode. I really wanted to understand why this girl was being so mean to my daughter? Why was she threatening her to the point of Mara being scared? Not to mention the thoughts going through my head. Well, we talked for like 30 min and honestly I didn't feel good when I left. Mark is an ass and so full of himself. He likes to send this persona of fear so that the kids with listen to him. Well, that night, the bullies parents call us. Which, to be honest, scared the crap out of me a little :) But, she was more upset that her daughter was cornered and I agree. Mark should not have pulled her into the room. He should have waited until her parents could come. So now, I feel like the entire situation with Mara being threatened, called horrible names through email, oh and the bully literally calling our house 22 times in a 15 min period are all being swept aside because now the bully and her family are upset about the way Mark handled the situation. So, as much as I would just love to say the hell with city academy, for some reason Mara is begging to stay? So, for now, I am watching like a hawk.

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Katrina said...

I love your candy wreath! It is way cool!

I'm so sorry about everything Mara is going through. I'll take a break from cleaning in a while and call you. I wanna hear all about the "phone call."

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