Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Tree

Last night we went to see Santa and then went and got our tree. This year we went for a smaller tree. It is so sweet!

I forgot that I wanted to share our conversation with Santa :) we have been seeing the same one for the last 5 years! I can't believe we have been in Utah that long! Anyway, He was doing his normal "Santa" talk and then asked the kids what they wanted. Here is how it went:

Santa to Mara: "what would you like this year"
Mara: "spell books and incense"
Santa: "you mean like for Witching?"
Mara: "yeah"
Santa: "really? cool., You know once when I was in Mexico, there was a community of witches and every year they do the same ceremony"
Mara: just laughed
Santa to Josh: "What about you?"
Josh: D and D
Santa: "So you are all into the witching stuff huh?!"
By the way, Aspen asked for painting supplies for her Asian ball jointed dolls and Willow asked for a Build A Bear Rudolf :)

This will probably be our Christmas card this year :) If you could only have sound to hear the horrible growling of Luna. She did not want to be there at all!! :)

Ho Ho Ho!

We continued our tradition of seeing Santa at the mall. I thought I would share the photos of my babies growing up! I still can't find 1998 or 2001. I need to pull out some boxes of photos because I am sure they are in there. I can't believe how fast they are growing.........














Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cookies and "worlds"

Here is the finished product!

We made this Christmas village today and Willow calls it her "world" :) Way cute!

Sleepover Madness!

Last night Josh and Mara had Cody and Lexi sleepover. I had to laugh, the girls took over the den and the boys were in the same chair the entire night and when I woke up this morning!

Last Night:

This mornings aftermath:

More Christmas fun :)

David and Willow made gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies last night. Willow fell asleep before they were cool enough to frost so we will do that today :

This is the candy cane card display from Family Fun. There are little paperclips with candy hanging on the ribbons and when cards come in, you remove the candy and clip the cards. I hope we get lots of cards this year! :)

Lots of elves and fairies watching over us!

Here is our advent wreath:

I finished my Advent Pockets last night! The kids are longing for December first :)

Bella Mae loves to help me :)

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