Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, we are home from our wild, whirlwind trip to Memphis. It was so great to see everyone and especially my new nephew, Jacob! We had many events that I don't ever want to experience again!

1. The car topper blew open in the middle of no-where Kansas and all of our luggage blew across the interstate. Luckily, a very kind woman jumped out of her car and gathered everything. The car topper was broken by the incredible tornado like winds and so we had to put all the luggage in the car which meant Josh and Mara were holding Maggie and Junie the rest of the way! The wind had snapped the clips that hold the car topper shut, so we found a dumpster and threw it out,. Somewhere in Kansas we lost our kites and a bag of beach towels :)
2. Somewhere, somehow my windshield cracked. i am guessing it was damaged in the winds and flying rocks through Kansas.
3. On the way home, we had just crossed the Mississippi river into Arkansas and one of the back tires literally exploded. Luckily, I was able to pull into a gas station and there was this wonderful man named Roy that helped me take all the bikes off the bike trailer, unpack the back of the car so that we could get to the lever to release the spare and he actually taught Josh how to change the flat tire. He was absolutely wonderful and I cannot thank him enough. It would have taken me forever to figure it out.
4. Our next adventure was still in Arkansas, when the wind snapped the bungees holding the stroller on the roof and the stroller nearly came flying off. Luckily I was able to hop out and get it inside the car.
5. this one was the big one, I really thought we were going to die. As I am driving through Nebraska, I am listening to the most awful conservative talk radio, mainly to get a good laugh, but the emergency weather keeps chiming in with tornado warnings etc. I wasn't really paying attention because it was a beautiful sunny day where we were. All of the sudden I noticed the road signs and realized I was headed right to the tornado. At first it started raining lightly, then it got darker and was pounding rain, then came the hail. I ended up pulling under an overpass with about 30 other cars because I literally thought the windshield was going to bust out. The entire sky was dark and rotating and I was really freaked out but I was trying to stay calm because Mara was having a panic attack. As soon as we were in the middle of it, it left. It was weird! You could look behind and just see the raging weather and up ahead the beautiful sunset.
At this point we were all ready to just get home. I called David, cancelled my reservation in Cheyenne and we drove straight into Salt Lake. We got home at 3:00 am but it was so worth it. I really don't think I could have driven it another day.
Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip.

Visiting Aunt Wendy, Uncle Chris and baby Jacob in the hospital.


Being with friends........

Pedicures and manicures.......

Great grandmas come to visit.......

Willow just loves that baby!

Having fun at the Cordova arts and crafts festival. Willow made a new friend :)

Visiting Great Grandma Rene. We rescued a terrapin on the way and let him go on Rene's land.

This is Nitro, a horse being boarded on Rene's land.

Josh was able to get Rene to play D and D with him and Mara picked up another crocheting project.

Rene's Naked Ladies :)

There were probably 50 hummingbirds flying about.

Rene's cat Calli:

Mara joined Claire at her weekly riding lesson. I wasn't able to get any pictures of them riding because my allergies overtook me and I had to get out of there :)

Maggie and Junie say it all. This has been our existence since we got home. Until the next trip .......

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