Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Halloween Crafts

Willow, Mara and I made a lot of fun crafts last night. We are gearing up for our family's favorite holiday. Willow and I started off making salt dough creations. We had made the salt dough ghosts from Family Fun last year and they turned out so cute. This year we made a giant spider and a witch. Willow loves to cook and mix concoctions. This was the best part to her.

Then we made a Haunted gingerbread house that we picked up at craft store the other day. I love Mara's black teeth from liking the icing!

These are some tin can, our salt dough ghosts and our bats made from the kids hand prints that we made last year in art and craft circle.
Tonight we started on the egg of spiders from Family Fun. We have to let it dry before we can assemble it so I will add a picture tomorrow of the finished egg. It kind of creeps me out but it will be really cool!
And, Willow painted what survived the night of our salt dough creations. I love the witch. It reminds me of a picasso for some reason. She also made some snakes that we nicknamed the "Beetlejuice snakes" :) She has no idea why but they do remind me of the funky colors in the movie.
Josh got inspired and decided to join us in painting and started to work on the sheild for his costume. I cannot imagine him carrying that huge peice of wood around trick or treating but he says that it is really light :)


Lerend Zonder School said...

How fun!! Was it the salt dough that you used to make the spider? I love the spider egg sack idea!

Our halloween house is slowly getting eaten:) I'm surprised it has lasted this long!

Teri said...

Yeah, it was the same dough. It did get a little soft from teh paint but it dried again.

I am so surprised my kids haven't eaten the house! Willow said it was gross :)

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