Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, August 31, 2007

David and Willow Go Hiking

Today's entry is authored by David for a change. Today I was having a bummer of a day so I told Teri that I wanted to go hiking up to Cecret lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. There's something about that short one mile hike that is magical. Usually I hike up there at least once a summer; often during the peak of the wildflower blooms. She wasn't feeling much up to taking a hike so Willow and I went on our own. We had such a great time just talking about the mountains, trees, flowers, mushrooms, rocks, streams, birds.... essentially anything that was in our path.

This trip was later in the season than normal so the wildflowers were all but gone, but the natural beauty of Albion Basin still gets me everytime. About half way up our poor Nikon 4200 digital camera bit the dust. During our Oregon trip I accidentally dropped it face down in the sand while it was on and the lens was extended. We've been able to coax it along, but I guess it finally gave up. Fortunately I had my phone with me so I was able to snap a few pictures up at the lake of Willow out on the rocks and of the Thousands of salamanders swimming in the water. I've seen them there before, but never this many.... literally thousands of them. Towards the end of our stay at the lake a group of chipmunks decided to see if we had anything good for them to eat so Willow and I sat on a log very still and they came right up to our toes. We spoke in whispered voices about how beautiful the day was as the chipmunks scurried beneath our feet.

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