Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Carla: A.K.A. Carl

Well, it has been my suspicion for some time that Carla was actually Carl. When we came home from our trip to Oregon, he was mean, much bigger and had developed a very large comb and wattle. Willow is terrified of him and with good reason. He charges us and pecks and it hurts! So, looks like the chickens will be heading off to a farm to live. It is sort of perfect timing with our trip to Memphis and our planned move in October. I am a little sad to see them go but I guess that is the life of a chicken. I am going to wait until Josh and Mara come home this weekend to ship the chickens off to their new home. We figured the sooner the better before he starts crowing. They are already attracted to the grumpy neighbors yard and I can only imagine what they would think of a crowing rooster at dawn ;)

Carl and Chrissie Sunshine



Melissia said...

So funny. We recently found out our guinea pig Sally was really Markl, that is what Arianna renamed him. Moving to OR?

Teri said...

:) How cute, I love it...Markl!

Well, yeah, we decided to just go. We don't have a job yet but David is looking like mad. :)

Lerend Zonder School said...

So it's official? We'll miss you guys:( Can we come visit?


Teri said...

Yeah, it is sort of official :) We don't have a job yet or a house but we are working on it. Yes! come and visit us. We love having visitors!!! We will miss you guys too. I need to have everyone over before we go. I will keep you posted :)

Aubrey said...

oh, Teri.
I had a feeling after you returned from your trip that you would be leaving for good.
I'll miss you, but know that is where you and your family belong.
Love to you,

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