Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family Fun Nights

We have sort of gotten into the habit of doing something "fun" together on Sunday nights now that I am working the graveyard shift at Target. Two weeks ago we went to eat at Rio Grande Cafe, a Mexican restaurant in downtown SLC that is in the Historic Rio Grande railroad station. It is yummy and supposedly the women's bathroom is haunted :) It is a great restaurant that recognizes local artists by hanging their work all over the walls, ceiling etc. It is really great to walk around and see the different pieces. They have some really cool Tye dye banners made by the upper grades of the Open Classroom hanging right now. After a wonderful dinner, we decided to go bowling. I think we caught the bowling alley by surprise because we were the only ones there :) Of course we left the camera, but David snapped these few blurry ones with his phone.
This past Sunday we went to see the new Harry Potter Movie. I am glad Willow fell asleep in the first few minutes because I think it was the darkest, most gory one yet. It was a good movie but they left a lot of the book out. I guess they have to now or the movies would go on for hours :) The kids really enjoyed it and we are all making bets on who lives and dies in the end.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We got Goose'ed

We came home the other night and let Maggie out and heard a ruckus in the backyard. Come to find we had a goose in our backyard and he (or she) was not leaving! Now, we live with flocks of geese on the other side of the fence, they land on our roof like clockwork during mating season and we do have the occasional duck nest in our shrubs but we have never seen a goose stake out our deck and refuse to leave. Maggie was after her and Junie was scared to death. All the cats were very interested but did not want to get to close. It really freaked out Willow with it's hissing but by morning it had gone.......

Our Wet, Wet World

Today was out monthly Project Wild meeting. I have been really wanting to get the kids out and do some water testing and hunting for water creatures. We started off by playing a game where the kids drew from a pile of cards that had pictures of an adult version and baby/pupa/larvae version of wetland or water living animal. Then they had to find their "parent" or "child" by asking questions describing themselves. It was fun. The kids kept asking for another round so I think we ended up playing that about 3 times.
Then we moved on to estimating how much water was available for us to use on Earth. It was a really amazing visual. You fill a bucket with 5 gallons of water representing all the water on earth. Then you take 32 TBS out representing all the fresh water sources. Then from that 32 TBS you take 9TBS representing all the accessible fresh water. From that you take out the amount representing all freshwater lakes and rivers which is about 25 drops. From those 25 drops, they extracted less than a drop to represent all the rivers. It was really an eye opening experience to see what a precious commodity water is and how we all just take for granted that we can do to a sink for water or flush a toilet. Don't even get me started about the fact that we are living in a desert and everyone is trying to grow a lawn full of green grass........ Anyway, I hope that the kids were moved by the visual.
We then ventured on to the stream behind our house to collect specimens. We found a few and the kids had fun wading into the murky water :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gardner Village Petting Zoo

We went to the petting zoo yesterday with Alyssa's Leaving Club. It was really sweet. I had never been out to Gardner Village and I love the atmosphere. The kids loved all the animals. Willow got to ride a horse for the first time. When she told David about it later I had to laugh. She said "I got to ride a horse, but it was in a cage....I wished I could have just held on and ride free as the wind!"
This experience made me want goats even more! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th (or 3rd) of July :)

Our festivities began on the 3rd with swimming, a BBQ and the South Salt Lake 3rd of July fireworks display. Then the kids created their own fireworks display that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Everyone had a great time! We got a few hours of sleep and then we were up again for the 4th of July parade. The city provides decorations and the kids can decorate their bikes and lead the parade. When we woke up Mara and Josh had flat tires (we should have checked the night before!) so instead the decorated Maggie and Junie and walked them. We then went and watched the fireworks from the bench. We could see the stadium, the Bees baseball game, Sugarhouse, Murray and what we think was Magna. It was really cool. It was 2 days of pure summer fun.

Willow, Carah, Soliel, Xavier, Chris and Aubrey enjoying the pool............

Sitting on the roof watching the fireworks........

When I woke up to get ready for the parade, I heard breathing coming from Willow's princess tent.....when I looked inside I saw my Josh asleep in his grim reaper shirt and camo shorts :)

The parade was a lot of fun, not so sure if Maggie and Junie liked being decorated :)

Willow was a trooper! She pedaled that tricycle the whole way!

The Bray's joined us......

And Eliza joined us.......

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