Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home again.........

Aspen decided to home school again. It has been great having her home. She decided to stay home after dealing with some health issues that caused her to miss about 2 weeks of school. She was debating before that anyway due to some bureaucracy in the school. They told her that she would be acknowledged for completing the 10th grade but because she was .75 credit hours short of what they considered measuring up to being an 11th grader she would not promote. How frustrating! They wouldn't even count the fact that she had 2 quarters of pre algebra and the fact that she skipped Japanese 3 to move to advanced Japanese this year. Not to even mention that she earned her Girl Scout Silver Award! It has been very frustrating dealing with paperwork and a ridiculous standard that they place on school children. I think she came to the realization that the rest of the school year was pointless. All they were doing was preparing for a test for that "no child left behind" crap and having carnivals. They just did one of those ridiculous tests that mean nothing a few months ago. (which by the way, my totally unschooled child scored in the top percentile) She was bored, frustrated, and sad. She is quite happy at home. She has taken out David's car a couple of times and is looking forward to getting her license. Josh bought a laptop with all the money he has been saving for the last 2 years and they have been internet buddies :)

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Lerend Zonder School said...

How frustrating! That it all goes on how many hours she has attended, not on what she knows? Sheesh, another reason to homeschool:)


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