Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Backpacking Canyonlands 2007

Here is the link for the photoshow of the backpacking trip to Canyonlands. David, Aspen, Josh, Mara, David's Dad and one of their cousin, Harrison, all had a great time! Click the title or copy and paste below :)

Baby Jacob Harrison Ray

My sister, Wendy and her husband, Chris are expecting their first baby in September! September 16th to be exact :) We can't wait. We are all headed to Memphis to see our first nephew/cousin on my side of the family. Here are some cute pictures of my sister and Chris from their weekend trip to the lake over Memorial Day.

Funny Pets

Today I was working at the computer and I looked over and Carla was picking hairs out of Juniper's ear :) Junie was dead to the world. Chickens are funny creatures. We have learned so much about them. They each have their own personality. Makes me think twice about chicken fajitas :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yesterday, we had a BBQ in our backyard to celebrate another year of girl scouting. It was tons of fun! Mara, Lexi and Sarah bridged from Junior Girl Scouts into Cadette Girl Scouts. Even though it was cool and sprinkled a bit the kids braved the frigid waters of the pool. David cooked up burgers, hot dogs and chicken and we enjoyed all the yummy food everyone brought. I can't believe my Mara is a Cadette! It seems like just yesterday I was trying to coax her from underneath a chair and into the Daisy circle :) Time flies for sure! I have enjoyed being her girl scout leader so much. We have done some amazing things and learned tons. I am excited to embark on Cadettes with her.

Willow and Mommy Weekend

Well, Willow and I survived the weekend without the rest of the family. We did some swimming, went to Sweet Tomatoes, went to the park, did crafts, played with the chickens, collected worms, rollie pollies, ants, beetles, ladybugs, grasshoppers and some unknown bug that we meant to look up on the Internet, and went to Target and Toys R Us to get sister My Little Ponies :) We had a lot of fun! It was exhausting for me. I was on call 24/7 and we were moving all the time. Willow missed her family terribly. She woke up crying all 3 nights that she wanted her family back and that she thought they were all going to die :( It was so sad. Other than that, we had a wonderful weekend and now she wants to do it all again :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Baby bird

Today Willow and I were outside setting up our pool and a little fledgling came and sat next to Willow on the deck stairs! We thought it might be hurt so we put it in a container and looked things up on the net to see what to do. Turns out, the mother new it was out there and where it was! As soon as we released it she swooped down fed her! It was so cool. I am bummed that David has my camera. I had to bring in the huntress Asha and the dogs. I don't want them to find her! This is what Willow had to say "re7we4h7rdxcvbnm46fdeewtqazxcvbnmgfhsdddzaqwtr"
Willow and I are having a "mommy Willow weekend. More tales from our adventures later :) We are off to gather the neighbors mail and take care of Elliott's cat, Phoebe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, David, Aspen, Josh, Mara and Grandpa are going to go backpacking in Canyonlands this weekend. I will post their pictures as soon as they are back. They have already pulled out the backpacks for packing and they went and bought their freeze dried food last night. They are having things like spaghetti, lasagna, chicken with rice, and a raspberry chocolate cake! I hope it is good!

Home again.........

Aspen decided to home school again. It has been great having her home. She decided to stay home after dealing with some health issues that caused her to miss about 2 weeks of school. She was debating before that anyway due to some bureaucracy in the school. They told her that she would be acknowledged for completing the 10th grade but because she was .75 credit hours short of what they considered measuring up to being an 11th grader she would not promote. How frustrating! They wouldn't even count the fact that she had 2 quarters of pre algebra and the fact that she skipped Japanese 3 to move to advanced Japanese this year. Not to even mention that she earned her Girl Scout Silver Award! It has been very frustrating dealing with paperwork and a ridiculous standard that they place on school children. I think she came to the realization that the rest of the school year was pointless. All they were doing was preparing for a test for that "no child left behind" crap and having carnivals. They just did one of those ridiculous tests that mean nothing a few months ago. (which by the way, my totally unschooled child scored in the top percentile) She was bored, frustrated, and sad. She is quite happy at home. She has taken out David's car a couple of times and is looking forward to getting her license. Josh bought a laptop with all the money he has been saving for the last 2 years and they have been internet buddies :)


Thought I would post the pictures of us freeing the butterflies. They did not want to leave at first but they soon took flight :)

Happy 14th Josh!!

Well, I don't have a lot of pictures because every time I turned around Josh and his buds had already opened the gifts, lit the sparklers and done the slip and slide :) He had a blast. He had a 2 day party with Cody, Nate, Colten and Robbie. They stayed up all night the first night and the pics of them asleep was about 3:00 the next day :) They all took naps except Colten :) He was still going strong. They ate pizza, mountain dew,chips, cookies, cake, mountain dew, cookies, mountain dew, hot dogs.....just a bunch of crap! I did serve them all a sandwich for lunch but that was after they ate an entire package of oreos in about 5 minutes :) David also showed the boys how to build hydrogen balloons and they shot them off in the backyard. I was downstairs getting Willow to sleep and I heard the loud boom and then all the boys saying "cool, all right!!!" Apparently that was the hit of the party :)Josh slept hard Saturday night as I am sure everyone else did! I can't believe my baby boy is 14. Where did the time go?

Cute Cuddly Kittens!!

Luna had a litter of Kittens on Thursday April 19th . She had 4, two girls and 2 boys. The grey fluffy girl was born first and she is going to the Schwemmers. The grey and white boy was 2nd and I am going to have a hard time prying him from David. Right now he is not spoken for ;) The orange tabby boy was 3rd and he is going to the Gibson's and the little calico girl is ours. Right now Willow and Mara are calling her Maya but we will see if it sticks :)
I felt very honored that Luna came looking for me when it was time. I was the only one home and I was out in the garage. She was howling at the door and when I opened it she ran down to the basement and kept looking back at me to make sure I was following. Everyone got home in time to see the last 3 born. They thought it was gross when she ate the placentas :) They are almost 5 weeks old and so cute and fun! Maggie LOVES them and Junie is petrified of them :)Here are some pictures:

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