Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Raising Insects and Poultry

Well, we have been waiting and waiting for our caterpillars to go into ther chrysalis's and they finally did. We only had 2 out of about 15 survive so we are really hoping they make it to adulthood. Willow has been facinated by the whole process. I will post more pictures as they progress. We are sill waiting for our ants to come in the mail. Josh keeps looking every day.
I am excited to have a local farmer here give us some chicken eggs to hatch. I ordered an incubator today and once it comes we can get the fertile eggs. Aparently, the farmer has to give them out at the same time so that when we give back the chickens they are all the same age. Otherwise, they become cannibles and kill each other. I had no idea chickens were like that!


Melissia said...

Oh my gosh Teri- can we come see them. Arianna wanted to do this so bad. Melissia

Anonymous said...

I want to see some baby chicks! Is this a one time thing or a continual process you will be doing?

I didn't know that chickens will eat each other. Maybe that's what a "pecking order" is.


Taylor Loosli said...

The Loosli family up here in Idaho has 4 living chickens, and the rooster likes to attack me!!! Its an evil chicken, its even attacked Melissa and Justus. My mom talked my dad out of ending its life though.

Taylor Loosli

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