Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gym Rats

Josh, Mara and Willow are into the gymnastics thing again. For those of you that can remeber, we used to LIVE at the gym with Mara. She is working her way back up to level 5 and then will rejoin the team in the fall. I am sure Willow will follow in Mara's footsteps but Joshua says he is never joining a team. Right now they are just enjoying the Home Educator class one day a week. Josh got a new coach today and I was a little worried if he would take to her. She has been a coach for years and actually coached Missy Marlow to the olympics! She was really great today, and even though Josh thought the class was harder, he was excited to be able to do things on the rings and parallel bars that he couldn't before.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aspen's Bahama Spring Break Vacation

Aspen was fortunate enough to be invited along with her best friend Sarah (aka Ri :) ) and her family on a 10 day vacation to the Bahamas. She had a wonderful trip and brought home some amazing shells and stories. We missed her terribly and I realized I will die when she goes off to college or moves to Japan like she plans :) Here are a few photos that she took. We can't wait to go there ourselves! :)

Bronze Award!

Tonight Mara's Junior Girl Scout Troop received their Bronze awards from the Service Unit. They have worked so hard over the past 2 years and did such a great job tonight with their presentation. Way to go girls!
The Bronze award is the highest award you can earn as a Junior Girl Scout. Mara, Lexi, Sarah, Brieanna and Ainsley all did 15 hours of service toward their project which included making cat and puppy quilts for the local animal shelter, making dog treats, sewing cloth menstral pads for women in Africa for a program called Mothers Without Borders. The girls learned a lot and had fun while helping others in need.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Eggs and Puppy Love!

Today we met our unschooling friends at Tanner park for an easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun. We played a couple of parachute games and then the kids were off to find eggs. Some were filled with candy others with homemade marshmallows and others with cool little toys! It was a beautiful day.
Afterwards, we took Josh to pick up his new baby. She is a 6 week old Border Collie. We are so excited to have her with us and Maggie loves her new little sister :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Raising Insects and Poultry

Well, we have been waiting and waiting for our caterpillars to go into ther chrysalis's and they finally did. We only had 2 out of about 15 survive so we are really hoping they make it to adulthood. Willow has been facinated by the whole process. I will post more pictures as they progress. We are sill waiting for our ants to come in the mail. Josh keeps looking every day.
I am excited to have a local farmer here give us some chicken eggs to hatch. I ordered an incubator today and once it comes we can get the fertile eggs. Aparently, the farmer has to give them out at the same time so that when we give back the chickens they are all the same age. Otherwise, they become cannibles and kill each other. I had no idea chickens were like that!

Of Gardens and Hideouts

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon weeding the garden and making tee pee hideouts from some twisted willow branches a neighbor threw out. Alyssa gave us this great idea and we have had so much fun. Josh on the otherhand, did not want to make a hideout but instead used his pocket knife to strip all the bark off and make a bow for his arrows :) Today, Josh had 2 friends come and play and they took branches and made fishing poles and tried to catch fish from the stream behind our house. These branches are very versitile! I love spring and I cannot wait to get my garden planted. So far, we only have one strawberry plant to come back and the onions are growing strong.

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