Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 30, 2007

Project Wild

The last Monday of each month we get together with other homeschooling friends and participate in Project Wild activities. Project Wild ( )is an environmental curriculum for K-12. This is our 2nd year and we love it. We have learned so much and I really feel like it is a wonderful way to help kids grasp the importance of conservation, wildlife and the environment. I took the training along with my friend LeeAnn last year with the intention of just doing it with our girl scout troop. After the training, we thought, why not have a seperate group! We start each meeting with our talking stick so all the kids have an opportunity to share any thoughts or experiences they have had. Our last meeting had 20 kids present! We did a lot of weather related activities, built a barometer, made a rain cloud and played a game about trees in the forrest and their needs. The older kids did a map/graph activity where they compared the average yearly precipitaion and elevation to vegetation and wildlife in the state of Utah. It was really interesting to see why certain plants and animals grow and live where they do. Here are some photos from our last meeting.

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