Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Fun

 This has been a really, really different summer for us...lots of stuff going on and big changes in our family...but I have tried to do some of the fun stuff we enjoy mixed in with all of the chaos.  Hot summer nights call for ice cream!  We ended up at Baskin Robbins on the 31st when they have $1.50 cones lol  It was packed!

 We had these two crazy pups, Rodger and Boston, visiting for most of July and into August.  Juniper seemed to like it at first, I think it helped her not be so lonely after Maggie's passing but she was quickly done with both of them LOL

 Love notes on my car while I am out with my girlfriends for Duckies at El Chihuahua~

 After camp playdates and picnics.  These two have had such a fun summer together!

 So many stops at Bob's Brain Freeze.  His favorite is the Pokemon flavor...of course!

 Ive been working on my work trade for Rowan's school.  We worked quite hard and landscaped the back area between the art wagon and the outdoor classrooms!

 I think it turned out pretty great!

School starts in a couple of weeks and we plan to get out there and finish it~

 Rowan spent a week in a Martial Art's camp.  It wasn't his favorite activity, but he is considering doing classes there.
 He had fun breaking boards and learning to do side kicks!

We have been spending most Sundays at Lagoon, using those awesome passes and I have been trying to make it to Seven Peaks a few times before it's too cold to go.

Rowan is LOVING nature camp! Park days, hikes, exploring, friendship, field trips, guest speakers and arts and crafts.  I am truly grateful for all the fun he has been able to have while I am occupied with other things.

Summer is ending way too soon for me...but the Fall will bring new possibilities and hopefully so much joy~

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Fire Scooter

He is a pro on his scooter!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Garden Bounty

 Our garden is growing strong! Lot's of strawberries, tomatoes and peppers!
 Happy summertime kid~

Thursday, August 2, 2018


 Date night at TNT gun range.  I had never held a gun let alone shot one~

 I"m on the left he is on the right~

 I won the whole page...I would totally do this again~

Murray Arts in the Park: The Honey Buns

 Rowan and I went to Murray Parks Children's matinee to see the Honey Buns perform after camp.  He loved it.  He is such a music loving kid!
 My sweet little man~

So much fun !

 Afterwards he showed me all the awesome climbing trees that he and the nature camp kids had been climbing in all summer.

 So happy that he has had some fun adventures this summer!

Such a happy sweet kid~

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Seven Peaks Summer Fun!

 Rowan and I spent the afternoon after camp playing at Seven Peaks.  Summer feels like it is coming to an end way too fast and I want to cherish this time with him.

More fun to come!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


And she is off! Another year of awesome fun with friends at Not Back to School Camp! I can't believe this is her 3rd year! Early morning flights are always so hard but the prize at the end of the day to spend 10 days with great friends is worth it~

July Kiwi Crate: Capillary Action

 July's crate was all about capillary action! So much fun creating art and playing games~

 watching the paint travel up the "roots" to the flower~

 After drying overnight he put them in the frame for display~

 He made one for himself and one for Ki, who has been a huge part of his life this summer at Sego Lily at the nature camp.  I really can't thank them enough for all they have done for Rowan...but for me also.  It has been a rough summer and having such a positive person to be in Rowan's life has made things a bit easier~

 This kid...he would "try" to roll a disaster to take the tree out LOL

 Such a fun game~

This completed a years worth of crates! He is so excited to do it all again~

Monday, July 30, 2018

End of Summer Reading Program

 Rowan finished the summer reading program and chose the most perfect book for him! He is such a comedian!

Of course we finished how we started with a cool treat!

We did the county program this year instead of the city...I think the city one is more fun.  We will miss their big party because we will be camping but he enjoyed all the reading and activities we did to complete it~

Saturday, July 28, 2018

28 Years

We have been married for 28 years on the 28th of July~

We went to the melting pot for dinner for our anniversary eve after doing some heavy lifting at the gym.  It was fun and delicious but way to much food!

 Then we hiked The Lofty Lake Loop Trail in the Uintas~

 6 miles of beautiful nature~

 Lot's of beautiful lakes to see~

After that hike we needed a pick me up for our night out~

We bought shots for the bride and groom of a wedding party celebrating that night.  Hope you have an amazing life ahead of you~

We closed down the bars and had fun playing pool at Juniors~

 After sleeping in and lifting weights we headed to topgolf for some fun and food.  I suck at this game~

we ended up at a really fun Bongo night at Twist that evening.  We both won and laughed a lot~

Staycations are the best sometimes~

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