Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, April 20, 2018

Releasing the Painted Ladies

 We released our butterflies today!

 When we took them out in the sun they started trying to get out of the net!

 They were ready to be free!

 So pretty~

 Rowan was so gentle and so careful not to touch their wings~

 Goodbye Painted Ladies~

 We worked together on a little coloring project.  I apparently need to do a bit more of this kind of stuff with Rowan after some projects at cub scouts didn't go exactly the way he wanted~

 Next Wednesday we are going to see a performance by an Italian group called Farfalle.  I didn't really put it together that it is all about butterflies! How perfect! I printed out the student guide and it was all about the lifecycle and how to say butterfly in several languages.
Homeschooling adventure fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Homeschooling Adventures this Week

 Rowan LOVES Teach Your Monster to Read! After Upstart removed us from the program because we were also participating in My Tech High, I bought him ABC Mouse.  He isn't a fan at all and honestly neither am I.  But he sure loves this!

Rowan only has 1 music class left then a practice and a recital! I can't believe the 1st year is nearly over!  Yesterday we flew out of class to race to football to make the last 30 minutes of the game!  It was all the way across town but I made it!

 We finally got around to making the glow in the dark jello from last months Kiwi Crate!

This became a sculpture and total mess LOL  No one is a fan of Jello around here!

The tonic water glows!

 We worked in is Lion Cubs book~

 And we had our first of weekly  Poetry Tea times! Mara and Willow joined us too! Rowan loves poetry so much~

We are reading all about caterpillars and butterflies and love watching our caterpillars emerge from their chrysalises! 

Having so much fun in our homeschool adventures~

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Butterflies Have Emerged

They are emerging! So amazing to see~

It took 3 days but all 5 have emerged and are all enjoying the sugar water and oranges~

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April Little Passports: Insects

 This months passport kids was perfect for what we are studying right now!

 Insects from around the world!

 Passport fun~

 Letter practice~

And these were perfect to add to the school room for our butterfly and caterpillar studies!

Homeschooling fun!

Lion Cubs

I have been meaning to post about Rowan joining cub scouts! They have a program now for kindergartners and he LOVES it!

 He made this awesome art the other night at his meeting.  The Blue and Gold Banquet is coming up soon!  Brings back such fond memories of Josh being in scouts~

Monday, April 16, 2018

Candy Sushi

We are studying Japan for culture club so I picked up this candy sushi making kit for Rowan~

 It was pretty fun!
 You mix the little packets of powdered candy with water to make all the parts~

 The salmon eggs were actually pretty cool!

 He didn't eat much of it but he liked it~

 Homeschooling fun!

Homeschool Day at The Leonardo

 Homeschool Day at The Leonardo Museum! Time to have some fun with friends~

 It was so crazy windy today! Rowan and I parked at David's work since he is still backpacking and walked to the Leonardo.  I thought Rowan was going to blow away! We ended up losing a ton of shingles on the roof!
 He loves this flight exhibit~


 This new exhibit City Blocks, is pretty awesome! Temple Square~
 The main library~

 The Cathedral of The Madeline~


 I can't remember what this building is~

 The Leonardo~



 Fake exhibits~

Awesome inventions!

Rowan went home with Hollie and then off to football practice.  I ran home to get Bryleigh after an epic sleepover and take her to work, after dropping Willow at Mara's house, and then off to football to get Rowan.  David finally made it home at almost midnight.  He had a great trip but left his phone in the truck so he has no pictures! Hopefully his friends will post some soon!

Lone Ranger parenting is hard!

It's a pretty awesome life!

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