Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, May 26, 2017

Atlanta Bound

After a fun visit with family and friends in Memphis it was time to head to Atlanta to make some Walking Dead dreams come true! My mom came along for the fun.  It was a pretty easy drive and we had lots of fun~

Hanging out at The Rays

 Not so great camera phone pics of fun times at The Rays!
 Swimming and Goldens~

Playing fun games! Telestrations...I have to remember to pick that one up~
So much fun.  I sure wish we lived closer...or at least could visit more often!

The Memphis Zoo

 Off to the Memphis Zoo for the day~

 Always Pok√©mon hunting~

 We had hoped to see Rowan the new baby Orangutan but he was not out that day~

 And we had hoped to see the new baby hippo but she wasn't out either.  But the new to us hippo habitat was awesome~

 Maybe the favorite part?


 Cooling off ~

 So loud!

 Camel rides for the cousins~
 Not to sure how we felt about it, but the guys running seemed to really love the camels~

Rowan was a little freaked out!

 The pandas were indoors for the day and were hilariously asleep~
 Time for a break~

Nothing like having lunch with a Gibbon~

 They had these amazing lego displays all over the zoo~

 This was Rowan's favorite~

Funny little burrowing owl~

 Gotta collect a penny of course~
 Being groundhogs~

 And chicks~

 When the older 3 were little this part of the zoo was their favorite~

 Breaking the rules and climbing on the sculptures~
Such a fun day exploring the zoo with family~

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