Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hammock Date Night

I love this man...we have so much fun together.  For our weekly date night this week we went to a new to us restaurant called From Scratch. It was really good!  if you go try the BBQ chicken pizza~ Then we walked around downtown for a bit and got dessert at Last Course.  They have really yummy Affogatos! 

Then we headed to Liberty Park for a stroll and then hung out in our hammocks until the sun went down.  Yes, we were eaten alive by mosquitoes...well, mostly David...they love him but we had so much fun hanging out, listening to music, talking.

Wouldn't trade this life for anything~

Monday, June 4, 2018

Nature Camp

 On Monday we went to the splashpad with our Waldorf group and our friends messaged us and asked if we wanted to come swimming with them so we did! I didn't take a single picture of the days events but a super fun day was had!  While hanging out we found out about camp and that the first day was Tuesday.  I asked Rowan about it and he was so excited to go! He has been having such a great time~

He had some anxiety the first day but it quickly disappeared once we were at camp!  He loves it and is jumping out of bed and ready to go each morning!  We celebrated afterwards by going to the library and signing up for the summer reading program and Rowan got his very own library card!  Of course slurpees had to be had! It was our first real summer feeling day at 95 degrees!

On Tuesday they made nature paintbrushes and painted with them~

On Wednesday they went hiking up City Creek Canyon for hours! He has so many stories~

On Thursday they made first aid kits and discussed wilderness survival.  They went to a natural area and built camps! 

more to come~

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Silk Dye Workshop

 We had a super fun meetup with our Waldorf Group on Saturday to dye silks.  Rowan had a blast playing with friends~

 I am making something special for Rowan's upcoming Birthday!

 And, at the end of the month i am teaching a Mermaid Doll workshop so everyone dyed silk for the tails~

So excited!


Friday, June 1, 2018

National Donut Day!

 Happy National Donut Day! Had to go get the kid a free donut~

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Date Night Fun

 I get the privileged of dating this guy every Thursday night! We do a lot of fun things~

 This week we did our normal weights at the gym and soak in the hot tub thing...and then we went to A Pig and A Jelly Jar for dinner and then met up with our friend Lindsay for Bingo and fun at A Bar Named Sue~

 David won twice at Bingo but I got a double bulls eye!  I was so excited!

Love my friend Lyndsay~

There may or may not have been some karaoke and Lyndsay doing the worm while I tried to rap a song I didn't was bad...all around bad LOL but so much fun...those videos will not see the light of day! We did rock Girls Just Want to Have Fun though!!

Life is so much fun~

Park Day at Lodestone Park

 This is what happens when you are having so much fun chatting and just snapping a photo here and there unaware of the settings you left your camera on!  But I think they turned out cool and sort of reflect the heat of the day~

 This is a super cool new park in Kearns surrounded by huge grassy fields.  The kids had a blast!

 Rosy cheeked and wild and free~

 Love these dear friends.  We actually had a big group but I was having too much fun catching up with everyone to take pictures~

 Summer is almost here and we are so so happy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

David's Birthday Staycation

 We had so much fun celebrating David's birthday! We had a little staycation and enjoyed a bit of the city and a bit of the mountains and all in between.  We started off with our regular gym date.  Those weights are getting heavy! I was able to deadlift 135 lbs  this time around! We are both feeling so much stronger!

Then we threw out our keto lifestyle for a few days and gave Donkey Tails Cantina a was ok, but with a name like Guadalahonkeys you have to try it once~

 Then we did a bit of birthday shopping and checking into the Plaza Hotel for the night.  Such a funky place with old 70's style furniture and carpeting.  It was fun and they even gave David a bottle of martinellis for his birthday....such a Utah thing.  We walked around downtown and got coffee while waiting to meet up with our friends to play TopGolf~
 Such a fun night with our great friends~

 I suck at golf...especially after many, many margaritas...but it is so much fun!

Then we went back to the hotel and took a Lyft to the Arcade and played games for a while~

 Happy Birthday to this hot man! Breakfast at The Park Cafe...since David had never been there.  I ate so much food and had so much coffee...I really need to rethink this go out and drink and get up early the next day for a hike thing LOL  we need to hike first then go out!

 But regardless this was a great hike!  It is straight up and pretty strenuous if you aren't a regular hiker but it is only a mile and half so not too bad.  The last 3rd is loose gravel and boldering and there are rattlesnakes on the trail!

Junipers in bloom~

Ogden down below~
Hey! It's my ranch~

 So so many butterflies! So lovely~

Cactus in bloom~

So in love, always and forever~

 And then there was this guy. We heard a "chick chick..chick chick chick" sound and David just kept walking because he assumed it was a chipmunk chirping.  But I stopped. I was looking for what felt like forever and there he was in plain sight but camouflaged!  If I had kept walking I would have stepped right on him! He looked right at me, and just went across the path.  " love that he warned us :hey, I'm here...don't step on me!"  He was about 2 feet long! So cool to see...both terrifying and thrilling at the same time~

Roots for Rowan...he has been asking about roots on trees~

 And then the finale! A beautiful 200 foot waterfall!  So worth the up hill climb,

 It is almost like an optical illusion to stand at the bottom and look up...It was very dizzying for sure~

 I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen in Utah~

I love this man~

Then we started the trek back down.  My quads and glutes were permanently flexed and were shaking!

 So we headed to Crystal Hot Springs for a nice long soak.  I even went down the slides a few time!

 But, we did make a stop and get David a famous Brigham City shake~
After our soak we drove back to Salt Lake and had an amazing dinner at Market Street Broiler. Oh so good! Then, as if we hadn't walked enough, we wandered around the park chatting until we were ready to head home~

I love you so much and hope this Birthday was a great one for you.  Can't wait to celebrate again~

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