Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, December 14, 2018

Silly Gustav

This silly kitten is half angry toddler!  He pouts, he whines, he throws tantrums...its hilarious!

He goes after this one particular gnome every day and removes it from the garland.  But today he caught an actual mouse! It was so tiny...but it was his! We scooped him up and put him in Willow's room while we dealt with it and he was screaming and had both paws under the door trying to get out...once we released him, he ran to where he had been tossing it in the air (I thought it was the gnome for  the longest while...poor mouse) and starting whining...its the weirdest meow I have ever heard! 

Rowan and Mara have both said to me he is Maggie reincarnated...maybe so...who knows..but he is the silliest member of the family for now...I'm just glad he took care of the mouse! ~

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ugly Sweater Burleoke at Prohibition

Look how cute we are...even in centipede Santa and my $20 find at wal mart!

Always a great time at Prohibition with great friends!

So festive!

Happy Holidays!

Hollie and the Jollys~


It was awesome that we got to be at their wedding in Cabo and it was awesome being witnesses to them making it legal in the states! 

 We love these guys!

 Congratulations ~

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Annual Ugly Christmas Sock Game Night

That time again! It seems like it was yesterday when we had our annual game night with filled ugly socks! I got all the expansion packs I was missing and they were usual~

Filled socks ready for exchanging Dirty Santa style~

 And our obligatory group photo...I love my Galaxy Note has this pen that I can use to snap photos with.  Very handy!

Good friends and good fun!

Happy Holidays~

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sugar Cookie Party

 For the past 5 years I have hosted a sugar cookie making party at my house for Rowan and his buddies...this year, we did it at school and it was awesome!

 These kids are so awesome.  I am so happy that Rowan gets to grow up knowing them all!

 They were so cute and excited.  After each cookie he would hand it to me to put on his tray and he would say "this one is very delicate" ~
 These two have been cookie makers since they were 2!

 I love that everyone was excited and asked to do it again next year~


  Lots of cookies waiting to be baked~

 Giant cookie!

Until next year~

St Nicholas Day!

Sinterklaas came!

 He woke me up soooo early to check out the shoes but by the time I came down he was busy with all the advent surprises....I love that this year he can build all of the Lego creations on his own~


Happy St Nicholas Day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Date night! We started our night with an amazing meal at Stella Grill.  We have always wanted to try this place and I can't believe we waited so long.  It was fabulous.  I had the steak with these amazing veggies and David had the enchiladas~ 

Then we were off on a scavenger hunt with Let's Roam.  Oh so much fun! We froze but it was worth it~

We are definitely going to do this again...with friends and in the summer!

we ended the night with cappuccino and tiramisu~

I love our weekly adventures!

Bench Press

I don't have any other videos of this because David is my spot and needs to be ready to grab the bar before it kills me...but I failed 3 times on 135 so it deloaded me back to 115 so its not that challenging at the moment...Here I am lifting 120. I will master 135!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Holiday Building

 Rowan was not interested in building the Holiday treats this year... This one was devoured right after LOL

Mallory has had many firsts with us...Building a Gingerbread house is now marked off the list...although next year I will get the costco one again...this Trader Joe's house was too difficult!

Holiday traditions in the works~

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Gym Progress November

This was a rough months with 2 months gone! We did manage to get a workout in in Mexico but they didn't have all we needed so we improvised.  Then we came home from NYC sick so it was a rough start to get back to it!

you can see I am going in an oval shape...not straight up and down...working on it! 205 here...

Shoes off helped...its time for some lifters for sure...205

210...last set of 5 so I am tired!

Dead lift is getting stronger! I was able to do the whole warm up without straps which is huge for me and my weak grip~

Getting Stronger!

Santa Photo 2018

My favorite photo to date! Love that we have been able to keep this tradition going for so long~

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sinterklaas and Piet

 On Saturday we continued our annual tradition of seeing Sinterklaas and Piet at The Old Dutch store.  Rowan did his regular "picture face" LOL

Piet gave out candy canes instead of trapping him in his bag to take him to the salt mines to work...Rowan said if that happened he would pull out his secret phone and call the FBI!

There was a discussion on FB wall about how offensive Piet is...for the record, that is that mans natural skin color! So for people to be so upset by it, is a little offensive in itself.  They did used to do blackface and it was absolutely shocking to this southern raised girl. The first time I saw it I was shocked!

The point for me is, my kids love having Sinterklaas fill their shoes on December 6th.  Piet is his sidekick and helper.  I have never portrayed him as anything else.  Race has never even come up.  In fact, until last night Mara thought he was a creature like The Krampus LOL Only because of the Salt Mine story...but most people tell their kids Santa brings coal if they are bad and have an elf sitting in their home watching them...honestly all of this is fucked up if you think about it LOL

It is all about fun and tradition and love around here~

David got the lights up and then the snow came! I forgot to snap a picture but it was definitely a winter wonderland!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Around the World

 Such a fun morning at BYU seeing Christmas Around the World! There were supposed to be 5 students but they were either late or decided not to come.  At first Rowan was bummed and then once the show started he said" lets do this every year!" He absolutely loved it! He rated most of the daces with "10's" and the carol of the bells performance with "100".  Love this kid~

 They didn't want us to take pictures this year~

 But I snapped a couple :)

Such a fun way to kick off the Holiday season~

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